Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics generation processing: what cosmetics not the fridge in summer?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
Summer is coming, some women fear skin becomes dry, can choose the product in the fridge, think that you can extend the shelf life, to keep the product fresh. And always remember, however, in the refrigerator after don't save oh in room temperature. Summer arrived, and not just the skin temperature of the body, even to protect skin to taste also follow up together. Girls for daily skincare spending large sums of money, of course, worry that protect skin to taste is easy to spoil. And if the skin care products use, can be just as you buy so fresh, of course, is the ideal. Then some hardcore experience a variety of skin care will no doubt be put forward, of course is the fridge. But don't think the fridge can everything is all right, and not all products are capable of the fridge. At this time, no matter you busy again, want and XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM to Chou Chou what product not the fridge. 'Cold' skin care products can promote skin maintains the product in the fridge, of course, not only for prolong storage of the skin care products, the key is to extend product nutrition ingredient of 'activity' and 'fresh'. At this moment, some high nutritional products under the low temperature is undoubtedly the most appropriate. Some containing no organic liquid product can refrigerate preservative composition of volatile organic skin care products or chemical composition of skin care products such as sinistral C, after opening proposal to place freezer, which slows skincare products oxidation, sunburnt repair, calm soothing care mask also can put in the refrigerator, for sensitive skin redness and swelling, low temperature cold tactility can slow and calm skin, also can to reduce the effect of skin temperature. Low temperature is easy to cause the metamorphic temperature can make skin care emulsion body destroyed, cause fat water separation, the temperature of 40 ℃ to above the frost will be floating on a layer of oil, is no longer suitable for the skin. Low temperature can make protect skin to taste the water freezes, also can let emulsification body is destroyed, after melting texture change coarse powder, may cause stimulation to the skin. more suitable temperature is 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃. But a lot of families are using the common household refrigerator, not all fit into this type of refrigerator protects skin to taste. Can be placed in the refrigerator is mainly water products, and use it every time you want to check out the 'warm', low temperature can make the skin stimulation. Perfume, it doesn't fit in the fridge perfume, essential oil is not suitable for the refrigerator, because the water vapor in the refrigerator will affect its quality, also can make oil at low temperature freezing, not easy to be absorbed by the skin. Oil products, perfumes, essential oils can't put in the fridge, how should do? Advice before storage, diluted with 75% alcohol to wipe bottle and cap and tighten, return to the original packaging, in a cool parts of the backlight. Such not only can make to protect skin to taste is not bad, and can also kill residual bacteria in the cap of the bottle part. Skin care products can not directly in the grid by the door in the fridge because in a open a guanzhong, hot and cold air exchange most likely to make the product deterioration. If in the grid by the door to protect skin to taste in the fridge, every time I opened and closed, the door is the most easy to feel the location of the temperature change, due to the constantly changing storage temperature, very easy to cause to protect skin to taste bad.
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