Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: what food can hairdressing?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Women not only at home now the gate is the key to the second does not exceed, female people ah, oneself have independent economic sources, such as better education better can find a good job, every day sit office, easily the beauty of food, a woman's living standards improve, so they not only pay attention to the beauty, beauty also pay attention to diet. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory tell you Beauty food have? VC class beauty white food material VC has become beauty whitening weapons of word of mouth spread, besides can enhance immunity, more able to oxidation, resist free radical, prevent dark spots, freckles. Represent food: lemon, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, grapes and other usage: according to their preferences into fruit juice consumption. Every morning a cup, besides can eliminate toxic substances in the body, also have a natural whitening the skin effect, help to eliminate facial freckles. If you want a whitening effect is more concentrated, VC pills, you can eat or drink with roses, grape seed or blueberry, whitening antioxidant whitening oral liquid. Can also try some medicine makeup store regeneration whitening nutrients, or some specific whitening tablets to blain to imprint, at the same time of whitening skin on removing blain to imprint acne scars, prevent hues. Special remind: some people like to smash all kinds of fruit directly apply the mask on the face, actually do this degree is too big to cutaneous stimulation, it will have the opposite effect, so does not advocate. Through diet, detoxification beauty class white food material will accumulate in the intracellular toxin dissolved out, at the same time improve the body's metabolic function, make skin clear and bright. Represent food: green tea, cucumber, green papaya how to eat: every day to drink a small bag of green tea, green tea or put the pea soup, bring to a boil add honey and Chinese wolfberry in it. Cucumbers and green papaya can be directly eaten raw, eating steamed or Fried, Fried, however must cover, avoid contact with the air for too long. Usage: in addition to the bubble water to drink, green tea can also make tea bag in the bathtub, bath and detoxification. Today teach you some beauty of food, these are all eating smoked in the hairdressing oh, now of the rural women in pursuit of high quality, high quality standard of living, are duty-bound to the bustling metropolis, but here is not a phenomenon that easily, living very tired very tired every day, don't have any time to go to beauty.
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