Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory, we must know these skin care tips

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
More and more people like Beauty, but as a senior personage love, looking at the wrong skin care methods, really can't help but share some correct skin care skills and reasonable to you, otherwise as guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics a member of the processing factory, sorry, how dare also said he is a man who take care of the skin. Skin is our own, you much attention to it, he will return you how many, we can't simply take it for granted to care, so easily into the skin of myth, and even bring skin with irreparable disaster; And in the right way is to understand a few tricks, like skin care can achieve twice the result with half the effort. This is the content of the small make up to share with you today, cosmetics manufacturer generation processing suggest that some of our skin maintenance skills. First, we need to protect themselves a routine, just like we want to ensure that three meals a day and plenty of sleep, such ability can very good control hormone balance, can better avoid the skin from acne acne, etc. , at the same time, routine, facial oil for serious conditions, will be improved, help you to say goodbye to the large fields. Secondly, facial cleaning is also very important, must give skin thoroughly clean, and wash the face, try to choose better with cold water. Why do you say so, I think everyone has heard of heat bilges cold everybody understands the reason, we put the pore dirt cleaned, use cold water washs a face, can help shrink pores, prevent the pores open like strawberries and the invasion of dust, dust in the air. Most important, is must give skin complement moisture, so as to keep the skin to absorb other skin care nutrition. Like a dry land, no matter how you fertilize it, are useless, but the way to the first to land irrigation water, fertilizer, that is the fertile soil. In the same way, only skin enough moisture, can better absorb nutrients. Instead, with some friends of compensatory nutrition to skin, so be sure to first filling water again compensatory nutrition. In daily life, we should also pay attention to don't be the sun point-blank, otherwise the case of very strong ultraviolet ray, can cause serious damage to skin, maybe we did not feel at the time, but you will know after half a day.
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