Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory tell you: pull the mask cannot be used

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-18
Rip pull the mask is a kind of mask, tear pull the mask is to use the mask and skin contact and bonding in full, so the mask was tearing away from the skin, usually rely on its adsorption capacity on the skin can be black, aged cutin and stripping down, such as oil. Rip pull the mask also has a strong cleaning action. Using this mask can bring certain harm to the skin, tore the best to use less pull, because tear easily skin sagging, generally this mask is used to clean pores. For example, if use undeserved can easily cause skin flabby, pore bulky, and some problem of skin allergy. So when use rip pull the mask should pay attention to avoid frequent use, if you really want to use, should pay attention to when applying the mask to avoid eyes and eyebrows. Rip pull the mask use frequency is too high, not generally is once a week. When tear off to clean with clear water, then wipe some toner, lotion. Tear pack with more physical role to deep clean the skin. It is mostly transparent or translucent colloidal liquid, apply to the face after the dry form a layer of thin film, make the skin temperature, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism. Mask after drying, by tearing out the dirt from the pores, and for the skin to remove dead skin. But 'now of disputes of this kind of face film is more, because the tear the movement itself is under a lot of damage to the skin, easy to cause pore bulky, the symptom such as skin allergy, hydrating, nourishing ability also is bad. When using this type of face mask, it is important to note down the hair growth direction from top to bottom of, don't use more than twice a week for healthy skin. 'So it is not recommended to use this kind of mask, apply the mask after wash the best, because there are may be some small pieces of the face.
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