Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: spring skin filling water?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Although the winter cold, or there will be a strong wind in spring, especially with the increase of temperature, the weather is getting hot, easy to dry skin, moisturizing work is particularly important at this moment. Guangzhou today XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory to introduce the five how facial skin filling water in spring, I hope to be of help. One, the paper mask make up water when it comes to facial skin lacks water, everybody must die first reaction apply face film, but every day with moisturizing mask face too extravagant, want to keep the water embellish skin, school small make up recommend sisters can apply face paper film. Using ordinary toner on paper inverted membrane, toward the face patches, relax, 10 minutes immediately spirits, immediately begin to feel the elasticity of skin. Second, steam bathroom apply face want to skin at the same time to save money, so that protect skin in the shower is better, the hot steam opens pores in the bathroom, wait until after the shower to apply a moisturizing mask, absolutely super good! 3, regular chamfer is felt on the skin filling water hit a lot of money and how all can't see effect, is the skin care products useless? In fact if you have such doubt sisters consider yourself how do chamfer. Want to know the skin cutin layer affected by external ultraviolet light, temperature, humidity and so on, will become warped, irregular arrangement, and thus cause water shortages, skin feels is always thick, makeup nature is very problematic. Four, sensitive skin becomes highly active essence help when the seasons change, the sisters feel whatever daub or a water emulsion, skin couldn't absorb well infiltration to the depths. School small make up recommend daub a bit before you go to sleep can change the state of the skin highly active hairdressing fluid is the path to change. Skin dull feeling, because of the generation of skin Xie Li fell, the surface accumulated aging cutin, and highly active essence, can promote skin metabolism, and strengthen the repair function to achieve the change of state of the skin. After five, ten points of beauty sleep skin care is best done before 10 o 'clock in the evening, because night 11 PM to at two o 'clock in the morning is the most active skin cell. Enjoy a relax after shower, the official start of the skin care. Clean the face first, then with quality of a material soft scrub away facial aging cutin, Once a week) 。 Can spend half an hour to do a deep moisturizing facial mask. The above five hydrating way, everybody MM can according to your skin and choose a suitable for their own life habits. Skin of the first step is to the skin filling water, maintain water tender state, so you don't ignore this job.
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