Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory remind carefully hormone mask!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Mask for women, it is necessary in daily life, face the daily consumption is very big, is also the demand of face film is so big, variety of efficacy mask on the market also have sprung up, all kinds of sales way more and more, especially in the circle of friends, all kinds of skin care products sales. And all kinds of advertising is playing more and more amazing, fast hydrating and whitening for three days, four days of the spot and so on the advertising effect, let the consumer also stirring. But have you thought about the product effect is so strong, real and effective? Will be to hurt the skin? Guangzhou today XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory to discuss with you. Effect for such a powerful film of face of the product, no more than two kinds, one kind is false advertising, the product is not so magical efficacy, just ordinary mask, another is that the product, add some sugar cortical hormone ingredients in this category in dermatology is called 'skin'. Mask manufacturers mask such products while urging caution hormone can let skin to achieve the ideal state in a short time, also has strong immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects, quickly relieve skin condition, but this kind of hormone has a very big hidden trouble, he will weaken the body's response to inflammation, may also inhibit the metabolism of skin, including protein, lipid metabolism. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory here, for example, corneous layer have a very good protection effect on our skin, but after using products containing hormonal ingredients, can let the lipid and protein of inhibition, the final result is old corneous layer falls off, new cuticle cells have not been timely supplement, over time, the skin will be more and more thin, protective ability is worse and worse. The immunity of skin also weakened gradually, more and more sensitive, easy because of external stimulation and produce all kinds of conditions, such as redness, itching, acne, etc. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory finally also want to remind you that at the time of purchase products, must be alert to exaggerated propaganda products, for the choice of products, here also recommend to normal cosmetics manufacturer production of choose and buy products, at the same time, must pay attention to whether the product after the national related department for the record of success after the examination.
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