Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: how to make out?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Very many people have such a question, especially the commonly used to protect skin to taste the ladies: how to protect skin to taste is generated? A cleanser, a jar of face cream, is how processing? What steps were to go on the assembly line? What ingredients, mixing, packing, packaging, are fully automatic? XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory take you reveal - — Skin care products production in general is like this: 1. Production workshop ingredients, mixing, homogeneous, etc. All in one place. Ingredients are typically workers say good windrow beside, then dropped into the material reaction pot, general cosmetics manufacturer are two or three pot, look at the scale of production, may have more than one ton, shampoo and other more. Pot is primarily used to stir, so there are impeller on the inside, there are various kinds of temperature and pressure speed sensor. are basic emulsion, so two kinds of water and oil pot, raw material can be mixed after blending, respectively and then through a pipeline to homogeneous, namely high speed stirring and shearing, mixed evenly. After mixing can all kinds of flavor, or activity, and then out of the pot. The pot after the material will be placed in a waiting inside a barrel filling. 2. Filling filling is quantitatively filling the material into the bottle. According to the packing, filling line also is not the same. Before filling to prepare all kinds of packaging materials, good, so you can enter the production line. Some of the whole process is automatic, some still want to workers in the next to look at. After filling bottles can be in the box, then the packaging boxes. And, of course, a good environment to achieve aseptic production workshop, similar to some natural formula protects skin to taste, since there is no preservatives, add extra to plant and equipment is very strict. The other factory QC for each batch of material for testing, ensure that every batch of products within the specified index. Guangzhou XJ Beauty production workshop in strict accordance with the GMPC standard construction, strictly according to ISO9001 quality system standard operation at the same time, the implementation of 6 s, visual management the whole process of quality management of the whole ( The TQM execution of work) ; Has advanced production equipment and testing instrument, and constantly the introduction of the international first-class processing equipment and production lines, production and processing all kinds of cosmetics manufacturer accessories and products have reached or exceeded national and industry standards. In terms of technology, XJ Beauty Beauty of scientific research team by a group of senior scientific research experts, professor of medicine, has a strong product development capabilities, to develop the most suitable for Asian skin Beauty skin care products, health care keeping in good health.
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