Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: how to make a more lasting perfume fragrance?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Perfume is the most effective tools for women add charm, spray on perfume, of course, men also increased attractiveness! We all know that the French love with perfume, usually in its ac or brush and outdated, will had to intoxicate fragrance. Do you know how they make perfume for longer stay on the skin? XJ, and guangzhou Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory le ring together! The life of the perfume is not permanent. As time goes on, the smell of perfume goes bad, persistence in the skin will fade out. 1, select 'long persistence' certain fragrance perfume last time shorter than the other, such as citrus fragrance fragrance, green plants and flowers. Compared with the fragrance of sweet flavour is thicker, the more light fragrance, and has a tendency to disappear faster. If you're looking for a spray perfume, you don't have to every 4 hours that a little more strong than try taste or smell of the east. 2, spraying in the right place to shake arm will perfume spray wildly around him, it's useless to do so. Methodically spraying perfume can make the fragrance on your skin last much longer. Will spray perfume at the site of the fragrance to last longer: after such as ankle, knee, elbow fold, reveals the neckline or neck cavity ( Collar bone) 。 3, will be placed in the shade place perfume is the best place to cool and damp. Contrary to popular belief, perfume cannot be stored in the refrigerator. And, also should avoid to place the perfume in the bathroom, because the bathroom is usually close to the air conditioner or heat source. In fact, when the perfume is exposed to the heat source or cold source, precious perfume oil will spoil. In addition, should ensure the cork is tightly closed, to prevent the oxidation of the perfume. 4, ensure that the oxidation resistance of perfume when your perfume darker color and texture is syrup, this suggests that it contains some natural ingredients. Think of it, once the bottle is opened, the wine will gradually deterioration over time. Therefore, in the cosmetics manufacturer store, you should be required to have a look at your choice of perfume sample. Because the sample has been used for many times, and is open for a long time, that it's easy to know the perfume can last long. If the color change of perfume, please alert. . .
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