Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: how to choose a good makeup taste?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Every day after painting makeup, one of the most important steps to maintain makeup appearance is not beautiful, but in all finish work at home after discharge makeup, a lot of friends because do not take the makeup work led to the state of the skin becomes poor, as is often the things so be sure to pay attention to. The following as guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory to learn together! Dirt on the skin can be divided into two kinds, including of water-soluble dirt, sebum and contamination in daily life, cosmetic oily dirt, etc. Water-soluble dirt with general wash colour agent can be removed easily; Class oily dirt and cosmetics manufacturer, unless it is the same oil as the main component of makeup milk, otherwise unable to clean. Choose makeup and the basic methods of milk, must be previously used by the foundation for the skin adhesion conditions for reference. If the make-up enough thoroughly, the remnant of the dirt, can cause pigmentation, dark spots, acne and other adverse sequelae. Discharge makeup steps the first condition, is absolutely not mean discharge makeup product usage. Buy brand-name makeup is tasted, but loathe to give up more, it is better to switch to parity discharge makeup. If due to save weight to do a thorough cleaning, harm to the skin healthy, not be penny wise and pound foolish? In addition, be sure to keep in mind not discharge makeup while massage, so that will be very not easy to cosmetics, and plug back into wool stoma, can do more harm than good. If really want to massage skin, be sure to rid of makeup article, first and then massage by the discharge makeup massage lotion or cream. There are many different kinds of makeup products, here can only provide a representative of a number of ways. Therefore, before using the new makeup article, please read the enclosed operating instructions. Want to quickly and fully discharge makeup, the makeup oil, discharge makeup oil after the dissolution of pink is oily, once water produces change, namely emulsion into white. If dirt dissolved on emulsification, cleaning effect will sell at a discount greatly, so use discharge makeup oil, please keep the face and hands dry. In addition, due to water flushing alone cannot wash oil, must be more thoroughly remove wash colour doses, lest bring blain blain and dark complexion of shen sequelae. Liquid discharge makeup product: suitable for oily skin and slightly laksmi powder makeup. Gel makeup article: to oily skin and only makeup face powder, foundation. Latex makeup article: neutral skin and use makeup face powder, foundation. Frost shape discharge makeup: to dry skin and with powder, foundation, lasting foundation and lasting foundation cream makeup face. Oily discharge makeup: to dry skin and with powder, foundation, lasting foundation and lasting foundation cream makeup face. Eyes lips make-up remover: strengthen parts cleaning, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick use specific areas such as cosmetics.
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