Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory analysis: homemade skin care products

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Korean cosmetics in recent years, more and more popular, can say Japanese cosmetics OEM products to some extent due to the deterioration of relations between China and Japan suffer rejection of Chinese consumers, through the Korean wave and innovative concepts and gradually become the new darling female consumers mind. But South Korea has recently deployed 'thad system' was also the Chinese government and national criticism, south Korean cosmetics and even South Korea star at that moment, standing in the forefront. Recently for a period of time before national no idols, against the south Korean cosmetics, against the south Korean cosmetics and so on a series about the boycott of South Korea, have appeared in the microblogging hot search. South Korea duty free will nearly two years of Chinese Korean cosmetics because of this 'event' nikzad. Cool? Have declined to be named for many years engaged in Japanese and Korean cosmetics manufacturer OEM generation of processing and analysis of the cosmetics manufacturer industry insiders said, 'in fact, south Korean cosmetics, quality more rely on the concept of innovation, brand loyalty is not high also, so brand less stress. If 'thad problem escalating, lack of competitiveness of south Korean cosmetics brand will inevitably on the path of weak Japanese brand. 'Industry insiders what is more, once the south Korean and Japanese brands as' extinguish the fire ', China and Europe and the United States department of the brand 'one-on-one hit' moment. Small make up feel, rather than a boycott of south Korean cosmetics online, more support than about our greater China's domestic goods! Small make up me, Obama is also a dedicated fan South Korea before the sister of Korean dramas, buy Korean goods, but after working in the cosmetics OEM company wasn't buying south Korean cosmetics, also only see WULI China's conscience. The processing in the cosmetics company, found that many Korean famous cosmetics manufacturer brand products are looking for cosmetics machining factory generation in China. Clearly is made in China, but in made in Chesapeake, south Korea in situ production, etc, is with good hot! Small make up I will be a leading south Korean brand mask and its own brand of facial mask respectively in the two weeks, feel the pickles mask effect is not as good as the company regularly withdrew from the new formula of the mask!
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