Guangzhou where to find good cosmetics OEM generation of processing factory

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
With everyone pursuit of the perfect rules become more and more high quality of cosmetics manufacturer, choose a reliable cosmetics OEM generation of processing factory also looks more and more critical. If want to deal with cosmetics quality, primary source and other problems, then a cosmetics OEM processing plants with the overall strength show that information is the key. So how to choose a reliable cosmetics OEM generation of processing company? A, cosmetics factory to where? Our key centralized cosmetics factory in the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta, and cosmetics manufacturers in guangdong province is the largest number, has nearly 2000. For example, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, Shanghai and other places of cosmetics manufacturers, if customers in the local, can immediately to cosmetics factory survey control. Natural, can according to the Internet technology and methods to find cosmetics OEM OEM production and processing factories. Basic discussion, can according to the hotline, master processing cosmetics related key points and basic cost price. Second, visit visit production equipment production equipment, production and processing of natural environment and its worker. Online promotion more, than the scene take a walk, take a look. for the production workshop, no drug is so high but of cosmetics assembly workshop is certain provisions of the state, such as gas residual water content elements, the exhaust pipe drainage equipment, etc. Assembly shop don't have to be quite large, but equipment must be complete, natural environment must be clean and its worker actual operation is not careful and meticulous, worker clothes are standard. Can have a look at the equipment specifications to production and processing products, on the basis of human services and equipment to distinguish factory manufacturing capability, so that you have been in when signing a contract can not be delivery on time. Third, whether have cosmetics production and processing qualification certificate? Survey qualification certificates issued by the manufacturer with the factory whether have the business license, the cosmetics production license and the relevant qualification certificates, cosmetics after the generation of processing and manufacturing, product needs to have a trademark registration certificate, the product bar code, market sales stage also should have the health inspection report, the quality inspection report, etc. If not even basic valid documents ready, that doesn't take into account the category altogether. Can have a look at the factory cooperation of well-known brand, manufacturing capability is strong, there will be a variety of ways of customers. Four product research and development the overall strength of the survey, investigation, manufacturers of the overall strength of product research and development, to investigate whether manufacturer has its own laboratory, research and development department. If cosmetics manufacturer does not have its own product research and development room and r&d department and make out products, there is no ability to innovate, not to mention competition ability. Only product research and development staff with product research and development and the independent innovation ability, to the success of the product research and development of new formula, enhance the market demand. Five, product traceability that some rules can beat the national 70% of cosmetics manufacturer, traceability is particularly important for well-known brands, from product batch number coding can be traced back to the manufacture of each raw material must be applied when the product specific delivery time and production batch number, should also have been OEM products in the product research and development laboratory, and find all the detailed information related to the development and design, including stability test results and microbiological data information, the giant of erp system software factory can guarantee does not count as small and medium-sized enterprises, the most concern is and passing the factory, the product have quality problem, trace the product relative path, eventually turn to one another, are 'no skin't dare'. Six processing, cosmetics category is unique main use cosmetics at this stage, the nate syndrome types of cosmetics manufacturer production and processing includes nine categories: spots, whiten the skin, inside fire, repair, and hair, hair color, hair removal, breast beauty, fitness, deodorant, etc. Without appearance, must be authorized to apply cosmetics factory, time is the shortest cycle time in June, and the whole process is very complicated. If cosmetics manufacturers or the customer's hands have appearance, will be able to carry out the manufacture of the products. , field and the warehouse don't laugh, this is key, cosmetics OEM factory field is clean and neat, often can show the factory in the management of the words and the key points of attention to the time level, most of the cases, the factory is near by the auditor to see things hidden in industrial workshop, and strictly prevent is discovered. Safety production standard 105, into the industrial area of the goods, shall be carried out for the record and give protection, with the current policy of production and storage areas thoroughly separation, waiting for quality inspection units, the quality pass, pass the mark shall be labeled products, goods should be placed in storage shelves and some spacing between wall, rodent control equipment installed and regular maintenance, friends keep inspection records. Eight visit, cosmetics manufacturers pay attention to what a see cosmetics factory environment and service project goals, environment quality is ensured, cosmetics manufacturer generation processing customers is a reflection of the factory manufacturing capacity. 2 see cosmetics production line equipment, machinery and equipment is to ensure that production capacity requirements and on time delivery, whether accord with national standard. See the total number of employees and their appearance, all three cosmetics OEM production and processing manufacturing must staff to carry out, a line worker conscientious attitude, can strong to ensure product quality. Four watch manufacturer innovation ability strong ability of leading cadres, which generally those poor people is not easy to go to. At the time that the selected manufacturer collaboration, can have a look at the cosmetics manufacturer's product design, warehousing logistics, supply ability, etc.
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