Guangzhou, Shanghai normal cosmetics OEM/ODM manufacturer how many?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
A lot of people know, cosmetics manufacturers, basically in guangzhou, Shanghai, cosmetics manufacturers in guangzhou occupies proportion is more than the national average cosmetics factory. Guangzhou, Shanghai normal cosmetics OEM/ODM manufacturer how many? At present, our country already has the production license of more than 4000 enterprises, close to 500000 types, industry present a thriving scene.

from authority figures show that China's cosmetics sales scale increased from 2010, 204. 5 billion yuan in 2016 to 336 billion yuan, the compound annual growth rate of 9. 06%, second only to the United States has become the world's second largest cosmetics consumption power. In the past two years, while economic growth is slowing, annual growth rate remained at 6%, is expected to be up to 490. 6 billion in 2019.

if this compound annual growth rate development, by 2050, China's cosmetics industry market will be close to 3 trillion. Looking back over the past 30 years, the cosmetics industry has achieved the unprecedented achievement. Even if there is chaos, channel, retail winter product homogeneity, the influence of the consumption pattern change, and many other adverse factors, also could not prevent the rapid growth of the industry, make China's cosmetics market to become the world's largest emerging market.

smart factory will appear, change the pattern of the original cosmetic industry. Through the early market for technology and China's demographic dividend, cosmetics industry in China at present technical level can already and cosmetics world powers the bidding spree, locked it for the next 30 years the cosmetics industry outstanding enterprises to go out to participate in the global competition has laid a solid foundation. Look from current trends, 4 countries promote the industry. 0.

China cosmetic industry in the future will also to this on the one hand, the robot will also be using the factory area, the popularization of information technology makes all kinds of big data interactive use more open, intelligent plant will be the products of the cosmetics manufacturer industry more competitive, radical changes to China's small and cosmetics and standardization of poor situation. XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM/ODM manufacturer, insist on advancing with The Times, the introduction of advanced production equipment, reduce the cost. Guangzhou, Shanghai normal cosmetics manufacturer OEM/ODM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer how many? Is guangzhou formal manufacturers!

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