Guangzhou OBEs settled in the direct goods exchange, leading the scientific Skin Care 'new revolution'-XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-28
Guangzhou xj beauty settled in the direct goods exchange, leading the 'new revolution' of scientific skin care. On November 1-3, the 2018 Boao direct selling Summit Forum will be held in the mangroves of Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan! As the 'direct exchange' of enterprise brand display, digital integrated marketing and high-quality social activities carrying the '2018 Boao direct selling Summit Forum', it provides a platform for direct selling enterprises and suppliers to have face-to-face communication and dialogue, provide suppliers with 'opportunities for new products', 'opportunities for new services' and 'opportunities for new cooperation' to meet the needs of both supply and demand sides. Settled brand: Guangzhou xj beauty Booth Number: V4 as China's cosmetics OEM strength brand-- Xj beauty will enter the 'direct goods exchange' and will bring its star products to the market, bringing more shock to the direct selling industry! Brand introduction xj beauty was established in 1999. It is a large cosmetics company integrating research and development, production and service, covering OEM/ODM processing fields, and has established an advanced research and development center and production base in the industry. Xj beauty has been committed to the research and development of high-quality skin care products, and has cooperated with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University to develop biological cosmetics with fermentation technology, which breaks through the traditional formula, using selected high-quality plants as raw materials, combined with modern science and technology for fermentation and purification, the ancient and modern wisdom is perfectly integrated into skin care products. The fermentation products are directly used as cosmetics, and chemical components such as traditional emulsifiers, preservatives and foreign flavors are no longer added for the second time, taking you to experience the brand-new revolution of skin care products. Fist products product features features one: Six no addition, safe and edible. The original membrane is made of fresh plants such as Tremella fuciformis, which are freshly fermented. No other ingredients are contacted or added during the production process, and only water and plant fermentation essence are included in the total components. No essence, no preservative, no animal oil, no chemical oil, no pigment, no chemical additives, truly achieve 'six no additives', food-grade safety standards, edible and eye-penetrating, pregnant women can also use it safely every day. Feature 2: enzyme micro-molecules, ultra-fast penetration. The primary membrane is different from the macromolecular structure of the traditional chemical mask. The high-tech nano-level enzyme differential can penetrate into the dermis and the bottom layer of the muscle very quickly, and it can be completely absorbed by the skin in only 10 minutes. 'Leaven' stops the time and rejuvenates. Studies have found that these nanoscale enzyme differentiators can increase the water storage capacity of the skin, deeply moisturize, promote skin microcirculation, and regenerate the skin. Feature 3: vacuum-free fermentation primary membrane uses yeast to ferment natural plants such as tremella, which retains all the functional components and their activities of the plants and avoids the loss of active components caused by extraction methods. In the process of vacuum fermentation, no organic solvent is added, the fermentation temperature and fermentation pH are mild, the structure of plant active components is not destroyed, and the natural activity of plants is maintained. Product Highlights: natural organisms such as Ganoderma lucidum and oats are combined with specific yeast species. Yeast sugar produced by natural fermentation can quickly penetrate and activate skin cells, rejuvenate, reduce wrinkles and delay aging. Unique yeast sugar can enhance cell vitality and improve skin resistance. The Tencel membrane cloth used in the mask paper can absorb the essence of its own weight 15 times, so that the skin can keep moist for a long time. Highlights of the product: it contains placenta, hydrolyzed Pearl, squalane, etc. , which can promote skin metabolism, delay aging, resist oxidation, moisturize and replenish water, and achieve the effects of lifting and tightening and eliminating fine and dry lines. Warm Tip: attendance hotline: 18027282040
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