Guangzhou is orderly cosmetics processing field

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Guangzhou food drug administration will unify to carry out for a period of six months to crack down on illegal crime cosmetics field rectification action. Since last year, the guangzhou food drug administration to implement the 'two card' replacement as an opportunity, for the rectification of the cosmetics industry. Through the regulation and norms, has achieved obvious, overall qualified rate of sampling observation of 97 in 2016. 6%. Guangzhou is the domestic cosmetics production, distribution center, perfect industrial chain, high market share. Currently there are 1455 cosmetics production enterprises in the city ( Among them, the baiyun district alone has 1125) , accounting for 70% of the province, about 40% of the country's more. The city has beautiful hair bo, xingfa, square and so on multiple concentrated radiation throughout the country large-scale cosmetics trading wholesale market. In 2016, the city's food agency in supervision and law enforcement personnel nearly 50000 person-time, check production management enterprise nearly 1. 5 m times, check the more than 200000 kinds of cosmetics, filed for investigation 534 cases, 1171 FaMeiKuan. 98, 880000 yuan, destroyed false dens eliminated more than 200 small scale, poor management and responsibility consciousness of the enterprise. Reporter discovery, 534 cosmetics illegal behavior mainly relates to produce fake and inferior products, not according to the national health standard production or illegally added as well as the illegal business of imported cosmetics, etc. According to introducing, this year will be based on this, the 2016 failed 'two card' the renewal of the enterprise all require the suspension; To the state administration and the unqualified ShengJu smoke pick up on last year ( The problem) production enterprises, to carry out the comprehensive check again, the key to the enterprise production of acne, spot, sunscreen and mask 'field + online' of the four categories of products such as sampling inspection, found the problem shall be punished in accordance with the law. Guangzhou food drug administration calls for the general public, if found please dial 12331 or 12345 to report suspected illegal cues.
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