Guangzhou cosmetics factory theme will become the future development trend?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-20
In guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory rapid development today, the company in order to increase its equipped with resources in the independent innovation ability level, will be to reduce as far as possible in solid level of capital investment. Many companies in grasping the key technology products and to create a mature sales network, first has not immediately to carry out the production and manufacturing, is in according to let other companies manufacture methods for their goods manufacturing daily tasks. , only need to pay direct cost of raw materials and the manufacturing cost, without for depreciation of machinery and equipment and the building factory and the risk of enterprise production and management, can also according to the market change anytime and anywhere, spirit of the need to submit the order. So based on the famous skincare products OEM cooperation this kind of method can rely on enterprise brand, sales network of small and medium enterprises to promote production, expand sales and improve manufacturing management ability, but also can gain greater economic development rights and interests. What is OEM? OEM OrigianlEquipmentManufacturer show English abbreviation, meaning is: according to the original enterprises ( Famous brand enterprises) Carry out product development and manufacturing, by not using the original enterprise trademark logo, the original enterprise market marketing or operating cooperation business lean production mode. Here, let small make up to analyses the development trend of China's companies cosmetics OEM. Skincare market is such a well-known brand occupy the market, at present, about 20000 skincare brand in our country, but only about 3000 many, many have the production of cosmetics companies. The rapid development of skincare brand sales market in guangzhou cosmetics factory OEM manufacturing enterprises to the prosperity of the business process. Will become the world OEM production base in China, after adding to the world trade organization in China, one of the three points in the world of cosmetics manufacturer OEM business processes will be migrated to our country, promote a large number of world famous manufacturers production base will be moved to China, to our country has become the world's industrial production manufacturing production factory, the introduction of overseas OEM manufacturing of examples for loss of, such as the famous Japanese fashion makeup brand, it slowly with natural plants, the famous Korean cosmetics enterprise in China, become another favorite Chinese women cosmetic products. Skincare brand starting period of investment is small, but because of the famous brand advertising expenses is very large, 90% of skincare brand without the ability to work project investment investment company founded the factory or to carry out the technical product research and development, the selection of guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers and OEM OEM production can reduce solid venture capital investment, the expansion of online promotion cost, also can processing technical, the excellent talents, secret recipe, production license, sanitation license, etc. Many of China's cosmetics processing factory, it was all about the family of serious lack of quality certification system, key technology, leading to a lot of famous brand quality problems and sales market. Famous brand companies more and more rules cosmetics OEM processing factory has a sound management system, namely the ISO international quality certification system. ISO9001:2000 quality system certification is the latest message authentication of international quality standard management system, is good essential according to OEM manufacturers of system management. OEM way bigger benefits means that producers with well-known brands share rights to a Shared resource, risk in the middle. Prompting guangzhou cosmetics manufacturers and customers completely turned into a European Union, and presenting a knot is one of the league, this in the intangible will provoke each other's initiative, more conducive to the rights and interests with a Shared resource, risk of contemporary enterprise marketing concept. If famous brands to reduce the raw material inventory, assets sink, key technology and the investment risk on the level of depreciation of machinery and equipment, etc, then the empty assets to online promotion level is a very good company management mode.
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