Guangzhou cosmetics factory tell you: apply the mask to don't wash your face?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19

XJ Beauty mask generation processing factory tell you: apply the mask on earth do you want to wash a face?

the importance of the mask!

the mask is often used to protect skin to taste our daily life, whiten and tender skin mask with moisturizing, cleaning, etc. Basically, every one or two days will apply a mask, skin replenish water energy to us.

truth: need washs a face?

a lot of people who love to use the mask will wonder: apply the mask to don't wash your face? First of all, you should make it clear, clean the mask is not need to be cleaned. So patch type facial mask? 15 - patch type mask 20 minutes later, on the face and there are a lot of essence, think that would be a lot of waste, and wash out after washing a face so don't think, the essence of the keep face to the absorption.

focus on skin care technology research and development more than 25 years of film of face of cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers in guangzhou XJ Beauty tell you. In fact, after apply the mask, can by hand to massage the face not to absorb the essence, promote the absorption of the face. Later, and then will face wash with warm water. So after apply the mask, is the need to wash face with warm water. Light

a: why do you want to wash?

after apply the mask, but your face has been absorbing the essence of good this masque, and extract the remaining on the face, can only be residual material, again long time your face will not absorb, but will make your face greasy. And, after generally apply face film, certainly also skin care products, such as clean on the other hand, if don't wash your face, will also affect the skin to absorb these skin care products. In addition, some nutrients on the mask if residence time on the face is too long, can cause skin sensitive. For those who was originally a sensitive skin, occurrence erythema of floor of long blain or more easily.

apply the mask, guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory XJ Beauty tell you: still need to clean the face, this is better for the skin!

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