Guangzhou cosmetics factory lay the cause of aging

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-06
The whole process of the recession is path to everyone and we can't stop the coming of the recession, but we can postpone the pace of recession comes. Guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory plastic pigments propolis capsule products to many fill the nutrients needed for the skin, prevent aging. Recession is a horrible thing, along with age increase, natural environment, such as environmental pollution, stress and lifestyle harm, skin recession point from levels will be accelerated. Such as, skin of ministry letting a face to look. After the guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory XJ Beauty biotechnology research center found that the root cause of the recession skin - — Somatic force, lower somatic newborn strength, reduce the risk of skin conditions into the area layer, internal and external push old elements causing skin type soft, ductile lower, contour relaxation, and setting up a permanent dent and creases. For somatic newborn strength, research and development center for a variety of ingredients, after several cell experiment, found that propolis capsule have promote somatic newborn forces, not only cheek by jowl with a lot of nutrition elements can improve the skin and its vitality, and help the skin resist natural environment pollution of the environment and climate change, is to fill the skin nutrients to promote cell regeneration ability to work the best. With 70 species of the flavonoids in propolis capsule chemicals, polysaccharide, flavonoids and polysaccharide chemicals are praised as the 'food' estrogen of nature, yellow ketone body to stop the decay of somatic recession, to strengthen the cytoplasm and cell regeneration is a variety of works and XJ Beauty microorganisms using the natural anti-aging ingredients, propolis capsule, fusion of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction purification technology research and development making XJ Beauty microbial propolis capsule plastic pigments series products. This product can be stimulated skin cells healing work ability, let the somatic theme activity again, then the ability to work for the reconstruction of a body, promote the cell upgrade, slow cellular aging; In the skin maintain a natural barrier, lock in the skin collagen protein powder, firming skin maintenance.
In an age when cosmetic design is increasingly important, the researchers believe manufacturers should pay close attention to their results.
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