Guangzhou baiyun district: cosmetics OEM/ODM, cosmetics manufacturers the most concentrated distribution center

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
As everybody knows, all Chinese cosmetics production enterprise, the most centralized place in guangzhou, guangdong province, on the industry have so say: China's cosmetics enterprises 70% concentrated in guangdong province, the cosmetics companies 75% concentrated in guangzhou city of guangdong province, guangzhou cosmetics enterprises 80% concentrated in baiyun district. So the guangzhou baiyun district became a cosmetics manufacturer the most concentrated distribution center.

2016 years ago the domestic cosmetics OEM generation of labor enterprise there are about four thousands, but the unity of 'the second card out most of the unqualified after the small cosmetics manufacturer, the current domestic probably left more than 3000 cosmetics contract, but you can be known in the industry of cosmetics OEM enterprise estimate was one percent! Cosmetic products for the most part of our company are from the industry awareness higher cosmetics contract, because the yield and quality of cosmetics has certain requirements, so the general small and medium-sized factory can meet the requirement of our company. Is, therefore, we to the domestic high-quality cosmetics OEM generation of labor enterprise has a certain degree of understanding, but also had a certain amount of research, investigation and comparison before eventually choose cooperation manufacturer.

the above said, the industry known cosmetics OEM enterprise account for around one percent of the total, that is to say, in the more than three thousand cosmetics OEM OEM companies, are more than 30, presumably done better, and XJ Beauty among them, the two domestic factories, Beauty makeup industry in baiyun district, guangzhou, American factories are welcome to visit!

guangzhou baiyun district is currently the largest concentration of the domestic cosmetics production, processing factories close to the shadow, suppliers of raw materials, packaging bottles cosmetics manufacturer in this area is also the most concentrated, cosmetics OEM OEM purchase cosmetics packaging or do know to guangzhou, because here the most concentrated the most convenient, one-stop service, and XJ Beauty formula, research and development and processing, can give many support oh!

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