Guangdong's first 'two card' production factory! Have to know about the 'two card'?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-27
XJ Beauty

we have by

'two card' audit and is the first guangdong development base 'two card'

guangdong first 'two card' production license factory

here should have the applause!

processing do cosmetics

are you still working with cosmetics manufacturer of qualification is not complete?

so your brand is no promising

after all production qualification can't guarantee?

how to guarantee the quality of the products? What international joke on

cosmetics enterprise whether has the unity of 'the second card production qualification, production is directly related to the survival of enterprises and brands.

XJ Beauty, as the first cosmetics manufacturer enterprise in guangdong province, successfully passed strict review of the unity of two certificates, because power allows us to pride, so this time we are not condescension!

why the processing brand for cosmetics, cosmetics companies need to find all qualified? Then there is a beautiful small make up science.

what is a 'two card'?

in a nutshell, is the original production license and hygiene license together for cosmetics production license.

uh uh uh ~ is the national industrial products production license + cosmetics production enterprise health license Plus, more and more cattle on the tall X, represents a recognition of the enterprise. Create beauty said: to be the first guangdong through cosmetics company, we are very happy ~ good proud ah ~ as a beauty, walking with wind ~

through the unity of 'the second card need to conform to the qualifications?

the cosmetics production license check points, a total of 105 items, including 26 key projects, general project 71, eight recommended projects, strict degree comparable to GMPC audit.

software, quality management system to carry out the raw material procurement, production, inspection, storage and sales the entire process.

hardware, plant and production equipment requirements more detailed, more rigorous differentiate production workshop.

wah, audit project so much, many companies since the announcement of the unity of two certificates, began to prepare, but check the project too much, there exist some problems in the process. XJ Beauty can stand out, because we should fight no battle unprepared, and for a long time, in order to give brand with good service support, whether it be in raw materials, formulation, packaging materials, production technology, production process and so on, are all in the same industry forefront.

rain 20 years! Countless enterprises honor

XJ Beauty with the advanced equipment and hardware, perfect by 'two card' audit, in addition to the first 'two card' research and development base, dual certification - — Guangdong's first 'two card' factory production license, also received many admirable let industry honor.

national tax office of guangdong province 'high-tech enterprise certificate', issued by the China beauty expo ( Shanghai CBE) 【 Gene recombinant human hair stem cells] American-iranian awards for best formula won the '2019', the China international exposition of reform and opening up the 40th anniversary of the 'driving force for the beauty industry in China, and so on enterprise honor.

in the future, create beauty will continue to adhere to: quality is more important than corporate interests, corporate reputation is more important than commercial interests, for the consumer, brand manufacturers 'turns head high' high quality products.

I'm XJ Beauty, I speak of myself.

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