'Guangdong province cosmetics safety regulations' will come into force on July-XJ BEAUTY

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-08
The Guangdong cosmetics safety regulations came into force on July. On the morning of June 13, the provincial drug administration held a regular news briefing. The spokesperson of the Provincial Food and Drug Administration and the main person in charge of the office presided over the ventilation meeting. The main person in charge of the regulations and Science and Technology Department introduced the 'Guangdong province cosmetics safety regulations' (Hereinafter referred to as 'regulations ') The main person in charge of the cosmetics supervision department attended the reporter's question-and-answer session. First, adapt to the new situation and take the lead in legislation to effectively protect the safety of cosmetics consumption. This 'regulation' is the first local regulation of cosmetics safety supervision in China, it was deliberated and approved by the 13th th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 11th th Guangdong Provincial People's Congress on March 28, 2019 and will come into force on July 1, 2019. The formulation of the 'regulations' is mainly based on the 'cosmetics hygiene supervision regulations' and the reference basis includes the 'detailed rules for the implementation of the cosmetics hygiene supervision regulations'. The 'regulations' have six chapters and 65 articles. The necessity and significance of formulating the 'regulations' are mainly reflected in three aspects: First, efforts to adapt to the needs of the development of cosmetics regulatory situation. At present, the National cosmetics supervision professional regulations are the 'cosmetics hygiene supervision regulations' ( Approved by the State Council on September 26, 1989 and promulgated by Order No. 3rd of the Ministry of Health on November 13, 1989) , Nearly 30 years has not been revised, has been seriously not adapted to the new situation of cosmetic development. Guangdong, as a big province that accounts for half of the National cosmetics industry, takes the lead in local legislation in the country to enhance the scientific and effective supervision work while making up for the lack of national laws and regulations, which is beneficial to Guangdong and the whole country. The second is the need to comprehensively safeguard the rights and interests of cosmetics consumers. With the continuous improvement of living standards, the people's demand for cosmetics has increased, but the cosmetics regulatory law is seriously lagging behind, and it is difficult to strictly regulate the behavior of cosmetics producers and operators. In order to properly solve the contradictions and outstanding problems and control the risks in the whole process, it is necessary to improve the corresponding supervision system in law and safeguard the public rights and interests to the greatest extent. The third is to vigorously promote the development of the province's cosmetics industry. There are more than 2600 cosmetic production enterprises in Guangdong province, accounting for about 55% of the country's total. Timely formulate local regulations on cosmetics safety supervision, it plays a positive role in standardizing the cosmetics market in Guangdong province, guiding enterprises to standardize production, ensuring the establishment of an orderly market competition environment, cracking down on illegal acts, improving the core competitiveness of enterprises and promoting industrial development. II. Rich and multi-channel organization and publicity, promoting the promulgation and implementation of the 'regulations' on cosmetics supervision and social co-governance is a major event in the construction of the rule of law for cosmetics safety supervision in Guangdong province, the Provincial Food and Drug Administration has organized a series of publicity work. One is to hold a cosmetics publicity week to publicize the regulations. With the theme of 'How much do you know about the new cosmetics safety regulations', we will explain the main contents of the regulations to the public during the national cosmetics safety science popularization week, focusing on the terms closely related to consumers, guide the general public to actively participate in the social governance of cosmetics supervision, strengthen the common sense of cosmetics purchase, and enhance the awareness of social supervision. The second is to compile and make a picture to read the 'regulations' interpretation brochure, which will be displayed and distributed in various publicity activities. The third is to compile and print the separate edition of the regulations, which will be distributed in the province's system and used in various publicity activities. The fourth is to hold a seminar on hot issues of the 'regulations' to further study the problems that may be encountered in the implementation of the newly issued 'regulations' and discuss solutions and methods. Source: Guangdong drug supervision
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