Guangdong plastic distribution characteristics and development bottleneck

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-19
Guangzhou as the capital of guangdong, plastic production factory to produce cosmetics manufacturer bottle is given priority to, here is the important domestic cosmetics bottles production base. A large part of production of products for export the international market. Guangzhou beauty bo not only gathered the guangzhou plastic bottle production enterprises, and from all over the country manufacturers set up shop here. It also contains a lot of cosmetics manufacturer glass bottle enterprises all over the country. < P > shantou plastic bottle production is concentrated in northern city of guangzhou, manufacturers advantage is close to the fujian area, here can be sales scope of radiation to fujian region. Foshan is the town of guangdong plastic bottle production, manufacturers to produce bath here class cosmetics bottle and medicine bottles is given priority to, is the place where medicine plastic bottle is concentrated in south China. In addition, zhongshan and shenzhen plastic bottle cosmetics manufacturer also is relatively concentrated, plastic bottle cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer produces various types of plastic bottles are here. Zhuhai has the largest manufacturing enterprises of the beverage bottle, zhuhai zhongfu. < / P > < P > it should be said that the guangdong on product export and location has a strong advantage, however, with the increase of southeast coastal labor costs in recent years and the emergence of 'shortage of migrant workers', guangdong plastic bottle cosmetics manufacturer also need to face problems of the development of industry upgrading and transfer. < / P >
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