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Guangdong drug safety by 'fist' products renovation market < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:47 < / p> - golden sheep eye network Private economic news report from our correspondent reporter Chen Ying interns Cao Jingwen correspondent Luo Sui reported: recently, the guangdong food and drug administration work conference held in 2005 the provincial drug safety system. Focus of this year, each department has its own 'fist' products. Law office: two legislation on a project in 2004, guangdong food and drug administration has declared to the provincial government legislative affairs office of guangdong province food safety regulatory ordinance and regulations on the supervision and administration of cosmetics in guangdong province two legislative program. This year, the law office will continue to do a good job in the early research and preparation of legislation solicit opinions from society, actively push forward the legislation progress, strive for an early has high quality of local regulations. Protect the place: fully implementing credit registration classification management, this year, will change in fully implementing credit registration classification management, speed up the guangdong cosmetics regulatory ordinance of legislative work. As soon as possible on the guangdong health care food hygiene licensing management method ', 'guangdong health food GMP audit management method'. Spot check of health care products, cosmetics, sampling work. As a key consideration for commercial weight loss, beauty, anti-fatigue and health food made of imported cosmetics sampling, sampling inspection results will be released to the public; Organization of provincial health care products and cosmetics safety regulators to carry out a rectification of the approval certificate of health food special activities. At the same time, continue to push forward health food GMP inspections. With the upcoming 'health food advertising management method', to carry out the investigation and handling of false advertisement about health food. Were confirmed approval of health food and cosmetics for examination and approval of the administrative licensing class project, according to the specific project application for examination and approval of the number and the work flow and simplified in full, at the same time with the 'drug safety notice exchange' complement each other, to submit the information to the enterprise set up electronic file for the record. Enterprise credit rating classification will draw lessons from countries issued the interim provisions on drug safety credit classification management, establish health food cosmetics production enterprise credit rating classification management. Realizing the bartender at all within the jurisdiction of the health food, cosmetics production enterprises are credit registration, fully implementing the credit registration classification management. Drug registry: simplify the registration procedures according to the revision of national drug registration regulations, to improve the efficiency of the province to declare for drug registration, shorten the time, intends to carry out online 'drug registration how to declare more standardized, more simple' online free talk section, fully understand the ideas of drug registration declaration without violating the premise of national policy, simplify the process of drug registration filing comprehensive reform. Use of advanced communications network technology, improve the speed of drug registration filing and mutual communication with the applicant, try our best to reduce the cost of drug registration filing. To promote the development of the whole province pharmaceutical industry, for the applicant to provide comprehensive service, the principle of the applicant's drug registration data error, support and help. Improve the service efficiency of drug registration. Further network drug registration problems to solve, will every Friday online question answer time to answer every day, work before the end of a day for the questioner to solve problems, cannot answer QuanChu meet at Monday meeting to discuss solve, still cannot solve for instructions superior departments in a timely manner. Expand the network declare for drug registration, make full use of modern information technology, in the original pilot, on the basis of network declare for drug registration, to improve the efficiency of drug registration filing declare to reduce costs, to further increase the drug registration network project, to declare and gradually implement network declare for all items. Combined with the construction of GAP bases in guangdong province and local use of conventional medicines, revision of the province of Chinese traditional medicine preparation, to provide legal basis for Chinese herbal medicine processing, comprehensively improve the quality of Chinese herbal medicine products. : drug safety supervision department, said the six engineering drug safety supervision department in 2005 to carry out the 'six projects' : one is the key for the construction of the province of 10 international market demand for drug export base engineering; Second is to build five processing and extracting demonstration workshop project before the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the industry to north guangdong and things the two wings; Three is the construction of 20 ~ 30 by the backbone of the Chinese medicine yinpian GMP certification enterprise engineering, to a pharmaceutical puning sig, puning medicine market into Chinese medicine yinpian production enterprises display and distribution platform; Four is the pan-pearl river delta production enterprise cooperation project, through strengthening and jiangxi, hunan, guangxi province and south China sea surrounding the safety of collaboration, according to the characteristics of the regional economy, complementary advantages, varieties of strengthening internal adjustment, promote the production of cooperation between enterprises, promote the common prosperity of medical economy. Five is to launch the enterprise training project, proposed in 2005 and the personnel education and licensed pharmacists training center and other cooperation, three of the province's 150 production enterprises in the early period of the new workshop construction GMP design, drug clinical trial supervision, c - GMP re-education and other enterprises need knowledge training, improve the province production enterprise's competitiveness; Six is the drug safety credit system construction, combining with the pharmaceutical production enterprise replacement time, on the basis of safety information platform to improve drug safety credit system construction, and links to related departments, improve the efficiency of supervision, reduce the regulatory costs, for the province medical economy provide the fair competition market environment. ( 蕥 hipster/prepare) ( Source: golden sheep eye network)
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