Good family of computer radiation protection method

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-02
A lot of MM by reason of work need to face the computer every day, for a long time to accept computer radiation 'baptism'. Although know computer radiation, the negative effect to the skin, but also help themselves. Exactly how to care for a long time in the face of radiation skin? Here, just to bring us good skin care method in computer race, help you improve the skin problems, and see it together. A, thoroughly clean skin every day need to thoroughly clean the face before bed. With warm water and cleanser or make-up remover thoroughly clean face. Famous Dreamtimes M2 dream of cleansing, as the most classic cleanser, not just because of its super clean force, more than 12 h lasting oil control force, but also can relieve facial nerve. And then coated with a mild skin care products, which can effectively reduce the damage, skin colour. Second, moisturizing + isolation cannot little long-term face computer skin dry lack water easily, so attention should be paid to the skin moisturizing hydrating work every day, except to use moisturizing products more at ordinary times, also want to drink more water to promote the body metabolism, detoxification. At the same time also to use whitening and moisturizing segregation frost, make skin can make the skin from the dust. Can also use a point which has the function of air refreshing and foundation, it also can form a barrier on the skin, the blocking radiation direct damage to the skin. Three, drink more green tea with fresh green tea juice with fresh fruit juice has great detoxification efficacy. This is because in green tea is rich in tea polyphenols and lipopolysaccharide, not only can antioxidant, can enhance immunity, effectively resist the invasion of radioactive substances the body. Two fresh fruit juice can not only clear rubbish, toxin inside body, also can supplement vitamins necessary for human. Four, eat foods high in radiation protection in addition to external nursing, internal regulating fluid is very important. Radiation protection components of the fatty acids, vitamin A, K, E and B vitamins, etc. The radiation protection and the food are: milk, eggs, liver, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, lentils, carrot, cucumber, tomato, banana, apple, etc. , often eat these foods have the functions of preventing radiation damage.
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