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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-19
Amazon released 'global shop' development strategy < p> 2017-2017 03 - 16 13:35:04 amazon announced China & other < / p> Throughout the global open a shop &; Business in China in 2017 four strategic priorities, and sellers to help China to expand global consumer and commercial procurement business, promote & other; Made in China & throughout; Upgrade to & other; Throughout the global brand &; 。 It is understood that the amazon & other; Throughout the global open a shop &; 2017 strategic focus in China include: 1, the seller's product quality through ascension to improve the user experience; 2, optimization brand management tools and solutions, to help China sellers through & other; Throughout the global open a shop &; Build & other; Throughout the global brand &; ; 3, provide support and service orientation for Chinese manufacturing enterprises, export hit consumers around the world, through cross-border business model changes, promote transformation and upgrading of manufacturing; 4, for the Chinese sellers introduced AmazonBusiness sellers recruiting plan, and set up exclusive recruiting team in China. Amazon China's vice President and amazon & other; Throughout the global open a shop &; Asia Pacific managing director dai 竫 ophir said, the current electricity ShangChengChang rapidly, but is a large development space, < strong class = 'keylink '> cross-border electricity business growth in the next few years will reach 20% About 30%. In the amazon sites around the world, and also see the same trend. Currently, cross-border electricity sales have accounted for a third party seller 25% of sales. Have learned, at present, amazon global shop covers 14 sites around the world, with over 300 million active users, its global 149 big operation center will deliver goods to more than 180 countries and regions of the world's consumers.
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