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Global purchasing to speed up the consumer goods exports standardization < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:48 < / p> author: Su An built sources: daily consumption as the global economic integration accelerating, China's manufacturing enterprises are gradually drawn into the 'vortex' of economic globalization. One theory is that of the more popular in recent years, China has become the 'world factory', every year there are thousands of Chinese manufacturing enterprises provide a large number of supply to global economic activity. It is because of the strong production capacity, plentiful products and relatively low production cost, encourage China to become global procurement center, China's export sector in recent years, with the development by leaps and bounds. According to the Ministry of Commerce statistics, in 2002 and 2003, the domestic export trade has 22, respectively. 4% and 34. Growth of 6%, and so far this growth continues. The increase of export trade to domestic light industry has brought unprecedented opportunities for development. The data shows, a total of 2001 national microwave oven export 12. 52 million, accounts for 69% of the national production; 2001 national rice cooker a total of 8. 22 million exports, accounting for 57% of national output. China has become the most electrical appliances product of the world's largest manufacturing base. Take the example of footwear, footwear annual production of nearly 3 billion pairs of guangdong province, about 3/10 of the world. Wenzhou footwear annual output more than 10 pairs, 1/10 of the world. China is the world's largest shoes production base. Experts point out that economic globalization brought about by the wave of global sourcing, for China's light industrial products export provides a good opportunity. But the domestic light industry products production enterprises in the huge resource advantage at the same time, also should change ideas and supply, management mechanism, formed from the 'a' to 'closed' integration chain mode of thinking. One of the world's leading cosmetics manufacturer companies now have a factory in wenzhou, but its about the head when it comes to the issue of procurement from China, is still a face of helpless. In his view, when it comes to cooperation with many domestic suppliers, appear very rigid. They often hold the original old ideas, unwilling to accept new things, in cooperation with too much emphasis on 'is given priority to with me, don't wish to share some resources with foreign companies. Due to a lack of trust and transparency, makes some should have both of us can benefit from the project failed. Good relations of cooperation, based on mutual trust and cooperation based on normative, if this cannot meet the premise, to join global sourcing 'chain', cracks have appeared on it from the source. The personage inside course of study says, although to domestic companies to completely change the original idea still need a period of time, but since China's accession to the wto, our country began to enjoy the rights, the United States, Europe and other countries and regions have to cancel or reduce some advantages to our country commodity quotas, tend to improve trade environment, space to expand exports, including textile, light industry in the short term benefit is obvious. In the process, how to make export supply chain smoothly and as light industrial products export problem urgently need to face. Someone once vividly, points out that supply chain is like water, the water, also can sink it. Most of the failed to benefit from global sourcing companies, because there is a problem in supply chain management. Global sourcing activities make enterprise supply chain become more longer, as long as one of the link is out of control, product exports will be a huge problem. Global sourcing for both buyers and suppliers, the biggest attraction is cost savings, but reality is with the expansion of the supply chain and procurement network, a lot of buyers have a wider choice and the supply of manufacturers have become more and more long. These factors make the goods manufacturing enterprises need more reserves, which in turn lead to rising costs, however, too much backlog of inventory at the same time, also bring certain trade risk. Now quite a number of domestic light industry products export enterprise, in a rapidly changing international market is can't stand such a 'for'. Due to its strength is limited, the domestic production enterprises by lowering the cost of production formed by the price advantage, is likely to be wiped out because of the supply chain is not smooth. Can't say that, even if it has solved the problem of supply chain light industrial products export is fine. Because our country textiles, clothing, shoes and other light industrial products export is very large, it is easy to suffer trade barriers and anti-dumping. Recently, the eu's textile export restrictions and footwear exports to China by the anti-dumping, illustrates the problem. Now, many domestic enterprises in realizing this problem, the began to find the way out to solve the problem. Temporarily reduce the amount of grain they export, increase product added value has become a lot of enterprises to adopt means. From quantity to quality outstanding, the domestic light industry production enterprises sought new export way for themselves, and objectively to accelerate the process of standardization of the market. Refused to lonely player of economic globalization, and global sourcing is definitely a double-edged sword, for the enterprise to provide a broader space, and firmly grasp the lifeblood of enterprises.
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