Glass is often used in high-end cosmetics packaging

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
Glass chemical stability is good, is not easy to react with built-in objects; Good transparency, can add in the raw material of iron, cobalt, chromium, such as colorants, produce a variety of color glass bottle ( Stimulation such as amber and green glass, glass, cobalt blue glass, white glass, opacified glass) ; Good heat resistance and not easy to deformation; The compressive strength, resistance to internal pressure; Have a big density and weight, Suitable for high-end cosmetics packaging) ; Good barrier property, health, and preservation, easy to seal, after opening again tight seal etc. But at the same time, poor resistance to impact, fragile glass bottles, filling cost is high, the forming process is relatively complex, limit the application of the glass bottle. Glass is often used in high-end cosmetics or some special requirements of cosmetics packaging. Glass packaging industry slow growth is not without reason, just for cosmetic packing, the competition from other materials and slow global economic growth, but now also can saying is the momentum of improvement. In good ways, from the rapid growth of high-grade skin care products and people benefit a lot of demand for glass products. In addition, the emerging cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers should seek development opportunities on the market and constantly update their products to meet customer requirements. In fact, while the rise in raw materials and environmental protection high pressure policy greatly increases the cost of production, but the cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer still feel very optimistic about the prospects for glass packaging industry, also did not feel lack of confidence. Instead, most people agree that these competing packaging materials in attracting customers and the brand, crystal, not compared with the glass. Cosmetics glass container is transparent, this is a big advantage as the packaging, compared to metal materials packaging, its able to display packaging products take in everything in a glance, arouse the desire to buy our. But with glass cosmetic containers used in food, medicine packaging of these products, so some products demand for packaging is away from light, such as fruit juice, such as drugs, these products to avoid light requirements will affect the product quality of cycle, which requires to glass cosmetics container away from light to improve the performance. At present, there are two main ways. One is to use colored glass bottle packaging, such as essential oils glass cosmetics container is used dark glass containers for packaging, to meet the needs of light. Another approach is the material of cosmetics in a transparent glass container itself was improved, through cosmetics glass container this layer medium light absorb light to reduce the harm of the product. 500. HTML keywords: cosmetic bottles cosmetics manufacturer, cosmetic plastic containers, cosmetic containers
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