Glass cosmetic containers to stimulate the desire of consumers

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-16
In the competition of plastic bottle and glass bottle, plastic bottles can on label, applique process the appearance of the bottle, to win the love of consumers. Now the glass bottle after continuous process reform, also can spray paint, frosting and baking skill needed for the customer design, trademark printing on glass bottle. Because of the transparency of glass bottles and surface smoothness, through the underlying technology, the glass bottle is easy to slide, and also does not have good feel. And spray roast flowers, such as different, logo will not only save in glass bottle for a long time, also has better aesthetic to the bottle. Glass bottle cosmetics manufacturer also can have done this way product propaganda of their own. Own brand printed on the bottle, in the invisible is in improving product visibility. Learned, cosmetic packaging bottle manufacturers do not have the use of glass bottles in the packaging industry degrees than plastic bottles, and also in the present growing state. Actively improve the appearance of the glass bottle, will be the future glass bottle the focus of the enterprise. Modern cosmetics more containers in soda lime glass for material, also have a small amount of high-end cosmetics to lead crystal glass containers for materials. Due to the high price of relative contents, cosmetics containers of the cost of materials has not designers are factors to consider. Modern cosmetics container bottle designers focus more on cosmetics container bottle shape, colour and adornment, make the skin water consumers in the process of using the products, not only 'good', and 'eye', in the actual use effect, and decoration of the bedroom. In a wide variety of design and color cosmetics containers, are mostly high white material soda lime glass, these small bottle glass is made of high quality, less visible to the naked eye of bubbles and stones. Of course, is not one of them to join the bubbles as adornment effect. This kind of cosmetics in addition to the function of the container, containers can clearly show the colour and lustre of toner, to attract consumers eyeball effect. Because of transparent bright skin water can make consumers associate to high-grade, tend to stimulate their desire, and yellow to green reminiscent of natural, for modern pursuit of returning to nature, is undoubtedly an attractive selling point. Stained glass is one of the materials for designers to choose. Cosmetics bottle container modelling stylist can almost in red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple wide range to choose the color of the glass, all depends on their imagination and needs. 439. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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