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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
To catch hair product to give priority to special use cosmetics careful use < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:54 < / p> Beijing municipal food and drug administration reported sales in Beijing three kinds of sampling observation of quality of cosmetics for special situations. In dyeing, spot and bodybuilding class 70 by sampling in cosmetics, only 41. 4% of the cosmetic quality qualification, among them, two of which have been in the spot product sampling all contain high doses of mercury, respectively, more than 40000 times and 10000 times of the standard mercury levels. In dye products, labels, logo, the description of the percent of pass is only 3. 3% of consumers as far as possible go to beauty salon wholesale market to buy special use cosmetics manufacturer. According to introducing, the most serious problem is found in the sampling, two kinds of spot product mercury content exceeds bid badly, is a standard 40000 times and 10000 times respectively. The agency said that mercury is a metal which is harmful to human body, can be absorbed through the skin, contact for a long time ( 2 - 6 months) Poisoning can lead to the human body. Two mercury content exceeds bid badly cosmetics has been discontinued sequestration off-limits market, its manufacturing enterprises were serious investigation, at present, the spot product has been listed as the focus of the agency for cosmetics regulation. For now, the special use cosmetics consumers in the market and have many, many women think only see it when using this kind of product license will reach effect, actually otherwise. Concerned expert points out, they hold special cosmetics for special use makeup permit only on behalf of its safety got certification authorities, 100% efficiency is not equal to it. According to introducing, special use cosmetics must be through the ministry of health inspection, cosmetics for special issue certificate to go on sale. for special because, unlike ordinary cosmetics, in order to achieve the effect usually add some special material, such as natural plant extract or herbal extracts and so on. These special material often has stimulation to the skin, overuse and even damage to human body health. Like a sunscreen cosmetics, will be tested on its amount of sunscreen to add, because the sunscreen over limited use can damage the skin. So the safety of cosmetics manufacturer for special is the first, emphasize the test on the security front, also do some corresponding efficacy test, but I don't do the review. For special use cosmetics is not drugs, not allowed to emphasize its curative effect. Product is cosmetics manufacturer is valid credit guarantee, invalid product market will be naturally eliminated. In addition, the special use cosmetics product manuals should not have English name, cannot be exaggerated, should be in line with the attitude of responsible for consumers is introduced according to the facts. What is a special use makeup? Special use cosmetics is applied to yukon hair, hair color, perm, hair removal, breast beauty, fitness, deodorant, spot, sunscreen cosmetics. Special use cosmetics must be approved by the ministry of health, obtain approval rear can production and sales. How to identify the domestic cosmetics manufacturer for special approval number? The document of approval for domestic cosmetics for special instructions ( In may, 1999) Example: ( 96). 29 - 路上, 09 - No. 0695 ( 96). Through review the approval document number of published after year; No. 29 said provinces ( 29 for guangdong and other provinces and regions, see the following) Such as: 03 01, 02 Beijing tianjin hebei 04 in Inner Mongolia, shanxi 05 06 07 jiangsu Shanghai 08 09 anhui 10 fujian and jiangxi 09 zhejiang said the domestic cosmetics for special classification number ( 09 said sunscreen and other classification, see the following) 01) dye my hair after 02 03 04 perm hair removal 05 strong and handsome breast beauty 06 07 deodorant bask spot 08, 09 695 indicates approval number serial number
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