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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-28
Give him time is loehr laissez-faire or stay? < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:09 < / p> < p> today, electronic retailing has become synonymous with engaged in e-commerce group. According to the recently concluded in hangzhou 'the fourth section and the second China alifest Chinese version' released by the news that the Chinese version number has expanded from 2004 in 4 million to more than 3000. Less than three years, give him the number expanded several times. And electronic retailing group has become a force to be reckoned economic and economic phenomenon. The personage inside course of study is expected to give him turnover will exceed 1. 3 trillion yuan this year in China. < / P> < P> China's Internet users have more than 1. 600 million. An increase in the number of Internet users indicates the existence of a large number of potential customers, with the maturing of network payment system, in the next few years, China's e-commerce will enter the high speed period of development. No wonder people exclaimed: 'give him time is coming! ' At the same time, the issues about electronic retailing integrity, after-sales service are also appear constantly. In the era of electronic retailing, how to strengthen the norms of their management, promote the formation of the e-commerce ecosystem? Should the laissez-faire or loehr stay? < / P> < P> set up shop on the net do license costs? < / P> < P> in September, the Beijing municipal people's congress (NPC) 38 meeting examined and approved the 'Beijing informatization promotes byelaw'. Including the terms of the 'online shop need business license' passed in argument. This means that the beginning December 1, 2007, Beijing's Internet users if you want to open a shop on the net have to have a licence to operate. < / P> < P> a stone up. Open a shop on taobao ShangXiaoJie said, due to open a shop on the Internet without threshold, so people much more special. Once to obtain the business license, the website may lose some of the part of the user, for licensed program is relatively complex, the owner may be trouble and select 'close'. < / P> < P> open three cosmetics shops in taobao has little boss zhang admits that for people just starting to do business on the Internet, request for the business license would scare off a group of people. It is against the entire industry. In fact liang zhang worried that represents the number of the idea of individual small electronic retailing. Since there will be a lot of electronic retailing 'online shop need to industrial and commercial registration to obtain business license' strokes up the equal sign with tax on transactions. < / P> < P> taobao, alibaba, vice President, director of him, said the tax on online trading behavior is a good thing, but a premature tax would for the fledgling network trade groups form a larger burden. < / P> < P> Internet analyst qinchuan thinks, there are business license means that must take time to deal with, must spend fees, there must be a part of precipitation funds. From this perspective, to do 'small business' on the net, does to some extent, increased the cost. < / P> < P> but he also thinks that if look at this problem from the Angle of management, set up shop on the net to the business license is for the protection of the whole industry. Issue a business licence to a large part of the role is to increase the lawlessness, or the wrong frame of mind of the personnel costs of speculation, resulting in a real sense of the management role. < / P> < P> experts think should stay loehr < / P> < P> e-commerce experts, jiangxi university of finance and economics information management, dean of the school of sublimation, says professor xu in the era of electronic retailing, should be 'loehr stay', strengthen management. Xu told reporters in an interview, for electronic commerce, because of its randomness and concealment, trading its regulatory difficulty will be greater, adhere to the 'loehr stay' will have a very good to the development of electronic commerce regulation, is beneficial to the development of electronic commerce long-term good. < / P> < P> prof xu said that the development of electronic commerce needs a good and normative environment support, through related electronic commerce laws and regulations, and standards for the development of e-commerce provides a good platform, especially to set up the majority of Internet users of the electronic business confidence and maintain the electronic commerce just, fair and stable environment for development is very important. < / P> < P> Li Liming electronic commerce association vice-chairman of fujian province is also advocates 'loehr stay'. He said, it is necessary to set up shop on the net to handle business license, this will not affect the development of e-commerce. Now taobao websites such as the real-name authentication is also in order to verify the identity, do problems can have a card can be checked, and the business license is the same properties. Can let the law-abiding, honest merchants have better development, make the whole industry to realize benign development, but is still a long way to implement. < / P> < P> electronic commerce association of fujian province another expert suggested Mr Ken wong, set up shop on the net to deal with the business license should be phased, divided into groups, specification. Gradually, for some below to compare can take the lead. In the actual execution, through this way to obtaining the business license, can effectively establish the integrity of online transactions and brand, build a good online shopping environment. < / P> < P> set up shop on the net to do license is a progress of China's e-commerce, is a development trend in the future. It makes the Internet shops open, there are laws to dispute settlement rules. At the same time, also make the Internet for online shopping confidence boost, online trading of credit will be greatly increased. < / P> < P> once the real implementation in the whole country, is likely to be in a short time of e-commerce transactions have influence, but in the long run, it will be beneficial to the development of electronic commerce in our country. But not all, the business license, only perfect all kinds of online trading system as soon as possible and establish a comprehensive personal credit system is the 'suit the remedy to the case. < / P>
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