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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-02-24
Girls with high Yan value, what skin care products do they bring for National Day travel? The National Day is coming. I have been busy for more than half a year. I can finally go out and have a look! However, during the holiday trip, you will experience a long journey, and your skin will also go through many obstacles. According to the characteristics that a bottle of general skin care products has only one effect, only with a full bottle can make your heart stable. Can you bring so much luggage, really not tired? Then let's listen to Xiao Bian and let me talk to you. What skin care products do girls with high color values take for their national day trips? One: makeup remover recommended reason: makeup remover, as a MM travel, you will definitely see all kinds of handsome guys, so when will you wait? Therefore, it is still necessary to make up a little while traveling. However, Xiao Bian suggested that it should not be too strong. After all, it is really inconvenient to sweat too much when traveling. Fresh and elegant travel makeup can not only make you beautiful and natural, but also be simple and labor-saving, can let you maintain a beautiful image during the trip. Of course, makeup must be removed, so makeup remover must be brought. After all, for makeup, it is still fast and effective. However, it should not be too large, just prepare a small bottle. Wash your face with warm water before going to bed at night, gently remove makeup and then thoroughly clean your skin with facial cleanser. Second, the recommended reason for facial cleanser: Cleaning, this is needless to say, when you go out to play, your face must be stuck with a lot of dust and sweat, and your face will also possess radiation under ultraviolet radiation, therefore, keeping skin clean is an essential thing to go out. The skin must be deeply cleaned day and night every day. After using makeup remover at night, it is still necessary to use facial cleanser. Facial Cleanser with deep cleaning effect is recommended here, which is definitely a necessary skin care product for tourism. Three: sunscreen recommended reasons: sunscreen isolation, here Xiaobian I want to give a wake-up call to the majority of female compatriots, although it is now in the autumn, but the autumn Tiger's lingering power is still fainting, as long as you don't pay attention, ultraviolet rays will still make the skin red and hot. Don't think it will be fine after summer. Don't be naive. Therefore, sunscreen must be dripped, and it is best to cooperate with hats, sunscreen shirts, sunglasses and other objects to block. Remember to apply sunscreen products to your body half an hour before going out, and then carry them with you every one or two hours. After all, you will have sweat flowing. Four: Mask recommended reasons: hydrating repair, mask is a woman's skin care first aid kit, using the short time covered on the face, temporarily isolate the outside air and pollution, increase skin temperature, the pores of the skin expand, promote the secretion and metabolism of sweat glands, and increase the oxygen content of the skin. The facial mask is beneficial to the skin to remove the metabolic products of the surface skin cells and the accumulated oil and fat substances. The water in the facial mask penetrates into the cuticle of the skin, the skin becomes soft and increases elasticity. Therefore, when traveling, facial mask is also a must-have choice! Xj beauty tips: National Day holiday, happy release at the same time, don't forget to care for your skin! Xj beauty tips: National Day holiday, happy release at the same time, don't forget to care for yourself! Xj beauty all the staff warmly celebrate the founding 69 anniversary (1949-2018) 'Facial mask on the tip of the tongue' season 1 episode 1st HD Edition, box office may exceed '' analysis of the development status and prospects of China's facial mask industry in 2018 click 'read the original' below to view more wonderful contents☺
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