Girls often make 11 makeup myth

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-19
Girls often make 11 makeup pitfalls if you makeup in a one of the following three low-level mistakes, delicate facial feature can save again, fairy appearance level also points minutes into a village. 1, bottom makeup makeup painted walls if compared to drawing, and then the bottom makeup is equivalent to a good quality, is a delicate makeup the basis, the transparent nature of the bottom makeup can let the rest of the make-up steps have more room to play. For white and wrong choice, the fluid foundation bottom makeup is tonal layered with neck, plus summer easy oil on the face, a thick layer of powder will only appear more greasy, beauty into fan bingbing is able to resist the soil. 2, eyelash brush into the fly legs mascara accidentally touched too much makeup skill already rusty also too lazy to get a clean towel and then dip the mascara brush head, painted in different thickness is uneven, the fly legs, long and roll become warped eyelash is nothing, in the ninety s studio, wind restoring ancient ways is really too much, a second old 10 + years of age. 3, eyebrows roughness eyebrows no shading eyebrows for make up a small white is the most difficult to learn the most difficult to imitate, suddenly here too deep, all of a sudden this way is too shallow, tu tu of a lot more then becomes more and more thick eyebrows, if you are a far cry from what color choices and hair color eyebrow pencil, makeup feeling immediately, if plus forget shading blunt eyebrows, also no wonder out called Boyle. 4, powdery bottom is too white, like a dummy we will render first, and often used with BB cream foundation, a uniform color of skin and improve dark heavy carry bright color of skin, to know our Asian skin yellow, so some of the girls pursuit of white blindly, will apply a thick layer of, will not only make you look like a dummy or a zombie face. And of course choose BB cream also according to the neck color to choose. 5, after the float pink peeling to render, you will find some float pink card face powder or peeling, much like burr, skin looks very rough let a person see the sick, if you have this problem should be the breast before you forgot to apply makeup and makeup before moisturizing. Makeup milk is compensate for uneven skin color, dark heavy, shortcomings, and can improve the skin of makeup effect, make your skin look more delicate, also not easy card powder makeup. Such as handsome breast before sent home the makeup, crisp texture no greasy feeling, not only to makeup degree can isolate make-up, cost-effective. 6, heavy eyebrows, like crayon small new, this is also more girls often make a mistake, eyebrow part color is too heavy and too wide, looks is stiff, like a crayon small new, particularly uncomfortable. Correct thrush method is: the color of brows to light, then easy to eyebrow end is aggravating gradually. And to use eyebrow powder combined with eyebrow pencil thrush, wait to use eyebrow comb brush can finish filling in, so look natural is not hard. Can choose this three color eyebrow powder, with eyebrow pencil eyebrow brush, 3 kinds of color can freely switch inside, color easy but not easy decoloring can also waterproof, very suitable for beginners to use. Within 7, eyeliner omissions eyeliner many novice in eyeliner, often used to draw only eyelash root upper outside a look line, but missed the inner liner in the eyelash root, sticking out of a white mucosa, eyes looks very strange, very ugly. The right approach is to lift the eyelid, filled with liquid eyeliner pencil eyeliner part. There is a fault in a lot of eyeliner is dizzy catch, a lot of big shop sign also failed to get rid of this problem. Incarnate the soft color eyeliner, after the draw at how rubbing your eyes, you are not dizzy catch a panda eye. And written, smooth, color black won't draw off and on. 8, eye shadow is too too heavy if not stage makeup, the daily eye shadow do not recommend bead light is too strong, color thick! Eyes will feel dirty, especially exaggerated, accidentally will become a panda eye. The most natural and pure and fresh earth color eye shadow, eye shadow is suitable for any daily out makeup look, every woman can control very well, naturally. This box of the earth color eye shadow small make up with out no fewer than three boxes, fine powder can't fly powder, if have if have no luster, high-end without exaggeration is very beautiful. 9, BB cream is very thick hide flaws have black rim of the eye and blain to imprint or freckles is a large amount of BB cream to cover, this is definitely a minefield! This will make the skin looks like a wall, a will take off makeup. Suggest using handsome sent home this concealer to cover, which contains vitamins and a large number of plant essence, black rim of the eye and blain to imprint look not to come out is not completely dry. Skin looks clean bottom makeup is also very natural. 10, bright red, bright lipstick fluorescent color lipstick is not what person all can harness, especially those of fluorescent color lipstick, if the color is a bit dark, appear more dark. General orange and pink color is won't make mistake. 11, after never calm makeup makeup without powder base, two hours after oily skin, face seems particularly dirty. In addition because there is grease, powdery bottom makeup a rub. So must not miss calm makeup this step! On the whole face gently with the calm makeup powder, skin have qualitative feeling very can also keep a day not greasy will not take off makeup. On the choice of base powder, this box of calm makeup powder parity with big shots and fine powder, matte time can keep one day no problem. The final discharge makeup, remember can't enter the erroneous zone, there is no clear in pore cleanser cosmetics manufacturer particles, must use professional makeup products, such as makeup water or discharge makeup milk, etc.
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