Girls always look in the mirror N many benefits

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
Japan, m. d. , Ph. D. , south auspicious cloud has nearly 60 years old, have a 30 years old young doctor's face. He said is a look in the mirror for the daily homework, because often look in the mirror can make you healthier, make you more beautiful, make you more confident. Conventional USES in to do the most basic skin care, makeup, makeup, sticking face film when they need to use a mirror, this is the most conventional mirror effect, which is the most important role. Part of the 'men' is often in a hurry just to make up water on the face, or paint a face cream optional on the face, actually do harm is quite big. With the help of a mirror, you can see whether to protect skin to taste daub evenly on the one hand, fully absorbed, the canthus and mouth corners, whether take care of important parts of the forehead, etc, on the other hand also can see their appropriateness, heavy technique will make the wrinkle up my face! Better watch yourself take a shower before, you should be naked body standing in front of the mirror, stare at myself. The mirror can be the best present you every bit of change on the surface of the body. Girls at the time of look in the mirror, in addition to the appearance of fine lines on face and neck, more important things to observe breast, eyes, and regularly check the whole body skin. Standing in front of the mirror to see if breast symmetry, nipple retraction, bag piece, and so on and so forth, gently touch the whole breast, check whether there is a obvious increase of mammary gland hyperplasia, the discovery of these can help you earlier breast lesions; Observe their eyes, white, eyes of iris whether have change, too much blood, iris color means certain problems, the change of state, you need to go to a doctor; Observe the whole body every inch of the skin, the change of the blood vessels, skin damaged, color change ( Whether all of a sudden become yellow) , mole if there is a change, and so on. Table USES table of mirror mirror is not only a daub skin care products, determine if they need to repair a makeup, or against hate blain blain is applied. When you sat at the table work the morning feeling tired, remember to look at the mirror. First, you may see the bitter face, but you'll quickly adjust it to become warped on the mouth, because the oneself really so ugly! ! And in this process, is actually the adjustment of the mood, to see the smiling face, to do a deep breath, the mood also will follow up ~ ~ add WeChat ID German girl teach you the most practical skin care skills! Pay attention to the body change whether recently because there is no tube shut up but XiaoDu belly? Obesity is not just a matter of beauty, but also about health, obese people are more likely to aging, suffering from various chronic diseases, and easy to produce the negative psychology, such as inferiority, abandon so often it is very important to pay attention to their bodies better. Keep a healthy diet, strengthening exercise is a way to keep figure. Who love to look into the mirror more confidence does not mean I like to look into the mirror narcissism, on the contrary, I like to look into the mirror to increase confidence for you. Stars every confident smile in front of the mirror is one thousand times of practice, graceful posture, the pace of self-confidence, warm smile, comes from this. When you need speech or an act on the stage, the mirror is your best helper, it can find that your every action details. But don't look in the mirror, often feel not enough beautiful, actually otherwise, beauty comes from not only face, but also the embodiment of the heart, always look in the mirror will make you find these beautiful oh!
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