Girlfriends home become beautiful features, the average person I don't say!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
Friends! Early summer has killed here, your skin is in jeopardy! Dry, oily. 。 。 。 。 。 A series of symptoms of skin water began to appear. You also can't wait to start skin care and maintenance. 。 。 。 。 。 But you know? The way skin care is not invariable, but different with seasonal changes. During the early summer, a lot of friend in expensive process will often appear the following some of the mistakes, next, listen to XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer join us! 1, home water washs a face super cool water temperature of cold and heat to the skin care is adverse, the water temperature is too cold, Below 20 ℃) Although have convergent effect to the skin, but the long-term use of supercooled water cleaning can cause skin vasoconstriction, loss of elasticity, appear premature aging, adverse to nourish skin. Especially for oily skin, but also because of the 'cold', shrink pores, can't wash the accumulation in the face of dirt, skin diseases such as acne. Tips: the proper water temperature should be around 34 ℃, try with the hand, have warm feeling, but you don't feel very hot. This kind of warm water, can clean skin, and has a calming effect to the skin, help skin to rest and relieve fatigue, do not have harm to the skin. 2, the sweat, keep the moisturizing skin insolation, air conditioning in moisture away from you! Into the summer, always sweat water to skin 'illusion', but in the sun, air conditioning room, and even the sunscreen always take skin moisture, so the hot summer months you don't give up not only protect wet, even should be strengthened. Using moisture replenishment mask, not only let the skin feel comfortable, also let moisture enhanced. Tips: only when the skin is very humid conditions, in order to prevent sensitive, nutrients can be absorbed smoothly. 3, usually simple sunscreen is 'light' in the city are more likely to thrust you old! R&d experts found that not only exist in a city direct sunlight, ultraviolet ray also can through the tall metope, topdress, auto glass, etc. , from all directions to shine to skin. Experts also found that harm the skin not only sunshine, also other nine kinds of common indoor lighting. Compared to the seaside can the skin bask in good ache of sunshine, 'light' in the city are more likely to put your old. Tips: the city is prevented bask in not only cannot treat STH lightly, but also choose UVA strengthening is prevented bask in a product, ultraviolet ray can be more effective against city. PS: baby instant feeling. 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 Good afraid of! 4, let skin at night sleep 'naked' loss of skin repair the best time! Afraid of greasy skin, just simply put some fresh emulsion in the evening or simply nothing, but because the generation of melanin has lag, night sleep may be a state of high activity. Tips: so should choose more efficient mask nourishing night cream at night, can not only inhibit the activity of the enzyme, and can prevent skin aging. 5, at the same time with a few brand of whitening products or ingredients to reject or sensitive skin! Whitening products on the market at present, the product of the components, concentration, work principle and the system is completely different, a mixture of whitening products not only the best combinations of missing, also increases the probability of triggering sensitivity between components. Tips: expert clew, beautiful white product is used together with the same brand is best, many brands have a dozen whitening products, if you don't want to buy the whole series, suggest to buy whitening essence, late frost and whitening mask. PS: so for men, god is willing to give up to buy buy buy! 6, the eyes lips don't need sunscreen eyes lips are easier to bask in the old! If the lips for a long time by ultraviolet enroach on, in addition to the lip color will be deep, dark dumb, also because dry lip lines, be sure to use the lipstick of SPF. Tips: the skin around the eye is more to prevent bask in work. After applying sunscreen to prepare a pair of big glasses, is not only a summer fashion, more can directly against the sun. 7, without clean skin sunscreen 'fill out' terrible acne, adipose bead! Many people know that the sunscreen, but tend to be direct with layer upon layer, the result may be 'fill out' terrible acne, adipose bead! Tips: sweat out of the oil is not serious, you can gently with a tissue to wipe the sweat, with oil absorption to oil absorption, and then fill sunscreen; If face oil and sweat a lot, you should use discharge makeup wet towel to wipe the sweat and oil fill again sunscreen. That is early summer skin care considerations for everyone! Only one goddess and the nerve
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