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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
Generation of processing cosmetics manufacturer: how to choose suits own cleanser < p> generation processing cosmetics - 2018 07 - 24 10:18:34 < / p> wash a face cleanser is a senior agent. Can remove facial dirt and makeup. Good quality foam cleanser should be clean, nutrition, protect the skin effect and so on. Generally speaking, the ordinary cleanser is not has whitening effect. With the progress of era, the rapid development of the factory, expanding market demand, in this era of rapid development, skin care products are updated every day, is really the dizzying, dazzling. Exactly how to choose suitable cleanser? Generation of processing cosmetics has analyzed how to choose appropriate own cleansing milk? 1. First of all, to understand what your skin type of skin. Mainly divided into dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin, normal skin and sensitive skin. Different type of skin should choose different cleanser. 2. Dry skin looks fine, but the color of skin dark heavy, feels a bit rough, change garments according to the very dry, sometimes peeling. Dry skin should choose gentle cleansing milk, no foam, never buy deep cleansing or whitening. Dry skin maintenance is focus on the hydrating. 3. Oily skin surface oil is always bright, pore bulky, easy unripe blain, blackheads and acne. Oily skin should choose type foam cleanser, oily skin easy to absorb dust, also can use chamfer effect of foam cleanser, the focus of the oily skin is: clean. People easy to long blain blain, oily skin is clean and does not reach the designated position. 4. Choosing a cleanser, don't forget to smell the smell, had better choose light fragrance, don't be too thick. 5. Generation of processing cosmetics manufacturer think if want to shopping, can buy in cleansing milk brand's website is better; In common, can go to the store to buy, usually is the real thing. When buying, suggest to buy pure plant cleanser, is better, is harmful to people's skin will not.
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