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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
Generation of processing cosmetics: how anti-aging < p> generation processing cosmetics - 2018 11 - 05 15:42:51 < / p> what is a sign of aging? - generation processing - - - - - - Eye dropsy, smoke, stay up later to let blood accumulation is in the eyes, black rim of the eye; Drink, eat too salty'll let eye week water-holding capacity for variation and edema, let a person look older. - generation processing - - - - - - Skin is flabby, the increase of age will loss of collagen in the skin to speed up, the skin will lose elasticity, sagging. - generation processing - - - - - - Older wrinkles, wrinkles will be more and more, the main reason is the loss of collagen - generation processing cosmetics - - - - - - Melanin, skin flabby can lead to big pores, dull, dry and brown spots. Everyone want to youth and away from aging, but as you know, age is irreversible, aging will sooner or later one day happen to themselves. Anti-aging, while there is time to the earlier anti-aging skin age will reduce a day, so early to use cosmetics manufacturer factory in wenzhou gold peptides fight decline, the facial skin firming tyra, smoothen fine lines, increase skin elasticity. Selection of high quality raw materials, carefully extracted several natural decay resistance factor, contain polysaccharide compositions, adopt unique mesh weaving structure, combined with excellent resistance to failure factor combined with biological fermentation technology, intensive tighten skin, let skin firming play embellish, smooth and fine. Gold peptides fight decline essence contains & beta; - - - - - - Glucan, bacillus, soybean extract, alga of tiny naked fermented product, hydrolyzed collagen. Among them & beta; - - - - - - Glucan has excellent anti-aging effect, it can smooth the fine wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, improve skin texture, promote the synthesis of fibroblasts collagen, promote wound healing, repair damaged skin, give skin like silk moist smooth tactility. Extracts from soybean fermented product can promote metabolism of protein, antioxidant can carry bright color of skin. Tiny alga of naked, hydrolyzed collagen, the two components are polysaccharide extraction graft fight decline, have the effect very much against aging, alga of tiny naked is rich in natural plant gum and polysaccharide substance, have natural moisturizing repair function, more detailed and transparent skin, firming skin, Hydrolyzed collagen in the skin surface to form a layer of protective film, compact tightening, smooth the skin skin, make skin smooth and delicate, reduce skin wrinkles.
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