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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
Mismanagement of the generation of processing cosmetics: cosmetics store reason < p> 2018 - generation processing cosmetics manufacturer 11 - 01 17:51:22 < / p> - generation processing cosmetics Surface of suppliers, the actual lack of upstream supplier can give you a lot of preferential, such as product prices low, the product cost low means to earn more money, but also have sales price advantage, after all, there are a lot of consumers was more sensitive to price. - generation processing Don't lack the category on the surface, the actual lack of brand stores many product categories, sometimes also can't attract customers' interest. There is quite a number of customers will pay attention to brand, especially the big brands, because some customers think big brand quality assured, appear such circumstance, we can correct their ideas appropriately, such as watch brand, not only have the strength of cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer production product quality also is very good. - generation processing Surface of the business, the actual lack of thinking way of thinking is very important in business, good ideas will lead to new marketing strategy, so as to attract more customers. In addition, to the understanding of the consumption characteristics of the customer to launch product that's the basic train of thought. - generation processing Surface of the lack of talent, the actual lack of mechanism for employees, retained employees, it has a lot to do with mechanism, setting up practical talent incentive mechanism, by nature of reward to encourage the staff is the most practical. Want to know, employees work purpose is to make money. - generation processing Surface of the customer, the actual lack of management on how to manage your store, how to improve service, how to create high quality experience for the customer, how to promote clinch a deal, and so on are all need to the boss and the manager to consider. - generation processing Surface lack of promotion, actual marketing promotion is missing? What is marketing? How many boss will analyze the two words. Sell one hundred yuan of 50, the everyone. The problem is you sell go out, the customer satisfaction? He will come next time? He next time to rush you to shop or promotion? Promotion product discounts you may sell back to the original price? Sometimes, shop is poor is not a promotion, but a can continue to get customer approval of the overall solution, and can be implemented. - generation processing Surface lack of guidance and communication, the actual lack of backing new cosmetics shop owner most of them are lack of experience, there are some professional team to consult or communication, clear understanding of the store is what problem, how to solve, and so on.
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