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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
Generation of processing cosmetics: blain blain can heal? < p> 2018 - generation processing cosmetics 10 - 22 17:16:34 processing < / p> cosmetics according to the survey, only 12% actually blain friend can self-healing, while 88% would break out repeatedly. And don't remove blain blain, it is very easy to leave sequela. This includes the blain scar, blain hole, also includes a person's mental health, influence greatly. If not blain blain self-healing, didn't get timely treatment, inflammation destroyed tissue cells, cause facial left a lot of blain to imprint and blain hole, like the surface of the moon as potholes. These blain to imprint and blain hole is not healing, but also difficult to treat. 1, clean grease can clog pores, triggering and difficult to treat blain blain blain to imprint, so to keep the face clean. Generation of processing cosmetics cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer hairdresser said, home quilt, bed sheet, pillow, wash a face towel, etc also should often clean, because these items will be hidden in a large number of mites. 2, exercise can promote metabolism, eliminates toxins have profit to the body. But the need to insist for a long time to have effect. 3 keep good life habit, diet is to eliminate blain blain blain to imprint and treatment methods. Don't eat spicy food of high quantity of heat, such as eat more fruits and vegetables is beneficial to healthy body, the body toxins, less is a good thing for skin care. And small make up the processing, mood cosmetics manufacturer said, mental pressure will cause the sebum secretion, also is one of the reasons for acne, good cheerful mood not only can make people healthy, but also can prevent the growth of blain blain. 5, sleep enough sleep can replenish energy, immune system, regulating human metabolism, metabolic good skin problems will be readily solved. It is recommended to go to bed before 10 PM, after 10 PM sleep belong to stay up late.
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