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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
Generation of processing cosmetics has analyzed how to improve rough pore problem < p> generation processing cosmetics - 2018 10 - 18 17:49:56 < / p> what skin problems most difficult? The answer is pore bulky, have black. Generation of processing is used in cosmetics believe there are a lot of small fairy shrink the pores to protect skin to taste, most are no effect. To improve rough pore problem, we first generation processing cosmetics manufacturer take you understand the causes of enlarged pores. 1, will be shown after the natural response to skin ageing flabby condition, cause pore is bulky. 2, facial grease is not timely cleaning grease is secreted overmuch, not clear in time, the enlarged pore, will appear if severe acne and acne. 3, does not pay attention to prevent bask in does not pay attention to prevent bask in can lead to loss of skin collagen, the skin becomes slack, pore will become bigger. 4, bad habit to stay up late to talk on drama of life, often eat spicy food, such as the skin often can give oil, long blain blain, these also can make pore bulky. Pore bulky? How to improve rough pore problem? 1, the first thing to keep a good life habit, don't stay up late to talk on drama, assure enough sleep time. Don't eat Fried, spicy food, eat more contain vitamin C, vitamin E and antioxidant properties of fruit, such as mango, kiwi fruit and so on. 2, pay attention to prevent bask in and chamfer, cutin layer thickness is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients, cosmetics manufacturer, therefore to exfoliate regularly can help skin to absorb nutrients. 3, keep the face clean, pay attention to acne removing oil control. Generation of processing cosmetics magnet mask has carry bright color of skin, shrink pores, sewage, oil control, deep clean effect, such as its composition with jojoba seed oil, tocopherol acetate, butter fat, dandelion extract of fruit of fruit trees. Jojoba seed oil is a common ingredient in skin care products, is through the cold press oil processing after come out of a material, because it contains molecules and the sebum is very close to human body, so easy to be absorbed by human body, can help solve the skin dry lack water, such as coarse dark skin defects problem. The dandelion extract has good sterilization and bacteriostasis, combined with its anti inflammatory, to suppress the secretion of androgens, can be used to prevent skin inflammation such as acne cosmetics; Can promote the growth of germ cells and so on at the same time, eliminate free radical, antioxidant, slow down the aging effect, also can do sooth skin care products.
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