Generation of processing a brand cosmetics, need how many money?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
Enter the cosmetics industry customers for the first time, what do you want to be your own brand, at the start of the will want to know, make a brand probably how many finished products. Do a cosmetics manufacturer brand are here to tell you about what constitutes a cost. Here the cost of just from the company's registered to the finished product from OEM generation of processing factory of finished product come out this paragraph. A, a registered company, registered trademark do a cosmetics brand needs to have a company, registered company is relatively easier to now, don't need to go to the actual registered capital. The cost of the mainland company is 2000 yuan or so commonly, all intermediary company can fix it for you. But now many are like Hong Kong registered company, why? Registered companies in Hong Kong, you can take any name, south Korean companies, for example, a French company and so on. The cost is about 5000 yuan. Registered trademark is a skill, you have to think a registered trademark, must also conform to the positioning of your product. Generally want to several registration, registration cost is 1500 yuan. 3 months can get TM, can get 1 year R. Many customers ask me directly, just registered trademark can do product? Actually, when you go to a registered trademark, the company will give you say pass rate, as long as the basic through can do product, also is in the form of TM. Two cosmetics manufacturer packaging material, packaging material cost do probably can be divided into inner packaging materials and outsourcing. Packaging materials about this a lot, probably about here. Such as packaging materials in general is a bottle. According to the material points, glass, plastic, acrylic. Don't use the plastic now, remove hose, packaging materials and chemical products. Glass, 30 g to 100 g generally is generally the price of 1 yuan to 3 yuan between, plus some craft, spraying, silk screen, bronzing hot silver, etc. Acrylic relatively is much more expensive, are generally five to eight yuan between, also want to see the process. Generally if the custom, the minimum quantity is 5000, the goods time is 1 month. Third, inside the part within the cost of material, namely we are in charge of parts. The cost of the material body general customers are manageable. According to the results to determine the price. What a lot of customers, is to ask directly, how much money, actually, a lot of price, only according to the results to determine the price. Don't like to sell things, how much is the price would drop the price directly, OEM is custom. So we can give you recommend products according to your requirement, if you are not satisfied, and you can also call me according to your request to proofing, all is ok. So the cost, can only give you a ballpark range. General efficacy, clean is cheaper, such as dozens of yuan a kilo, such as water and so on. Then moisturizing cream such kind cheaper, about 80 or so. Concentrate on more expensive, to around 150. Added efficacy, that is to say. 200, 400, all there is. Prevent bask in class is relatively cheaper, about 150. Four, probably a filing fee is 1000 yuan. Above is about the cost of the specific need to do according to the details of the product is not the same.
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