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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-15
General tariff level down to 9. Four types of imports 9% retail first get affordable < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:46 < / p> this month, the general tariff level in our country by 10 last year. 4% to 9. 9%. A survey shows that most citizens to lower taxes could bring benefits 'not feeling', many citizens still hold back pockets waiting for love with import 'zero tariff'. Now, experts say, such as Thai fruit, import timber implemented 'zero tariff'. In fact, in addition to the tariff, influence of the retail price of imported goods and exchange rate and the market supply and demand situation and other factors. Tariff effect is not a drop should be, lower taxes and reduce the price. Reporter recently learned that there are four categories of imports of the actual retail price has robbed earlier with benefits. Aquatic frozen goods import aquatic products mainly in Shanghai area. Last year from southeast Asia cuttlefish sell wholesale price per kg was 30 yuan, Canada trunk clam price 200 yuan. Seafood tariffs from 12% to about 10% this year, although the decline is not big, but because of imports, cuttle fish wholesale price dropped to 20 yuan per kilogram, Canada trunk clam price 150 yuan only. Fruit asean fruit will be as Thai fruit, step by step down to 'zero tariff'. Recently, the specialty of Malaysia little taro, betel nuts, magic mango, pitaya fruit and Vietnam have cut prices in Shanghai's capacity into the market. Shanghai port imported Philippines banana $23 million last year, and the trend of increase in quantity price drop this year. Thai fruit imports most varieties, market debut in Shanghai Thai fruit has more than 40, mainly include the longan, litchi, shanzhu, durian, sweet pomelos, etc. After has 'zero tariff' Thai fruit, longan, longan price is down, and putian products only 50% 70%. Some vendors even pretend to be putian longan longan, with Thailand 'cheap foreign goods as China' has become a new cases in the relevant departments to investigate and punish. Wine wine duties to a reduction in recent years, this year some famous foreign wine tariffs by 10% - Space increased 30%, the price competition. In some big stores, dozens of foreign wine sales, from $78 to 55 yuan, from 108 yuan to 67 yuan, a two bottles of wine from the 201 yuan to 118 yuan, a famous brand of wine from 160 yuan to 80 yuan. Domestic famous brands of wine wine 'drag' reduction, have benefit in flexible ways. import tariffs on perfume from 14 since this month. 2% to 10%, lip, eye ophthalmic cosmetics and powder also began to implement the ultimate bound rate of 10%, other cosmetics manufacturer import tariffs down 4 to 5%, respectively. Some European and American brand cosmetics to benefit. A including mascara, eyeliner, eye uninstalling water eye makeup series box, priced at 280 yuan. Previously, the 3 sample product total cost at least $500. An American counters with 'surprise' price is shopping full of 680 yuan, including keep wet dew, facial mask, six, woolly. A skin-lightening ointment simply clear price from 466 yuan to 308 yuan.
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