Full disclosure of fake cosmetics black industrial chain

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Circle of friends of the so-called 'conscience buy on sb's behalf', is becoming a fake cosmetics flood land. Reporter survey found recently, cosmetics and sale of counterfeit goods has formed a complete 'black industry chain', the segmentation of 'fake maker' 'packaging provider' wholesalers 'channel', a clear division of responsibilities, the specialized degree is high, the profit. , according to researchers from the supply channels, product specification, certification and so on various aspects to ensure product quality cosmetics, for the quality of the product is unqualified, purchase channels is not a regular businessman should resolutely banned. In recent years, as the growth of the cosmetics consumption, seized in a year on fake cosmetics case occurrence frequency is very high, has become a fake areas. Due to illegal and low cost, high profit, cosmetics in recent years has become a fake goods, and the production and sale of counterfeit goods has formed a complete 'black industry chain'. Step is to research and development production. The second step is to package. Three steps are printing. Step four is purchase receipts. Step five fake transport process. There are generally two kinds of practice: one is fake Courier sheet. There is also a more high-end overseas is gold-plated. Good and evil people mixed up 'bought' conscience and true and false and sell a few years ago electric business platform is the main position of counterfeits, and with the social platform development, especially the rise of wechat business now cosmetics sale position shift to social media platforms. In recent years, although the authorities have begun to take measures to crack down on fake goods market, some electric business platform, brand cosmetics company also intensify anti-counterfeiting, but due to the small penalties, electricity regulatory wechat business platform is difficult, consumer rights protection consciousness is not strong, the cosmetics, the production and sale of counterfeit goods is still rampant. At present, our country electronic commerce law draft is reviewed, the proposed wechat business network services sell goods or provide services such as e-commerce operators into the regulatory.
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