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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-17
From next month 6 class by parcel post 'ban' < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:23:46 < / p> < p align = center> 6 class since next month by parcel post 'ban' < / p> < p align = center> including cosmetics manufacturer items but need to cooperate with the postal department check < / p> < p> the cosmetics, the drugs is prohibited during the Olympic Games to mail 6 class objects, such as on November 1, will be able to post. < / P> < P> at 10 am today, the reporter understands from the Beijing postal company, special regulations prohibit to mail items will be a full period of the Olympic Games 'ban', but in the past have been banned items except for delivery. 'Liquid, the built-in computer accessories when can mail? 'At about 2 PM yesterday, the reporter saw in zhongguancun post office, many people in the mail items are asked the parcel member regulations on mail. < / P> < P> the zhongguancun post office staff said that starting next month, the contents of the parcel will return to the state, then in addition to sending banned items, such as liquid items can be mailed, but need to cooperate with postal personnel inspection. < / P> < P> release items < / P> < P> liquid, chemical industry, powder, mechanical and electrical equipment, such as soap block ( Paste) Items and unknown metal, airtight device containing unknown gas or liquid < / P> < P> sending banned items < / P> < P> inflammable, explosive and its imitations toxic, corrosive, radioactive substances guns, military and police XieJu, controlled cutting tools and its generic items, biochemical products, infectious items, and all kinds of narcotic drugs endangering state security and social stability and obscene publications, advertising materials, cd-rom products all kinds of items to the detriment of the public health all kinds of animals in national laws and regulations, administrative rules and regulations of other contraband goods such as < / P>
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