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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-16
The Chinese make new rules on cosmetics from occurrence of mad cow disease countries declare < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:25:50 < / p> source: China news agency reporters learned from the state ministry of health: to protect people's health, in order to strengthen the management of imported cosmetics manufacturer, health today on cosmetics filing acceptance from mad cow disease countries or regions to make the new rule. The new rules include: - — The same official of multiple products shall set forth the quarantine certificates, quarantine certificate listed in the product name must be consistent with declare the product name. — — In principle, each declare product to submit an official quarantine certificate original, such as multiple products stated in the official quarantine certificate, one of the products can use original, other products use after notarized copy of but must submit documents at the same time, points out that the original in which product declaration data, these products should be declared at the same time. — — Official quarantine certificate such as product is contained in the ministry of health in 2002 to declare the third announcement of 'cattle, sheep raw materials of animal origin ingredient list ( Class II) 'In the ingredients, shall be provided by a third party risk assessment, and to translate the main content of risk assessment, without the translation notarized. — — The official quarantine certificate file such as the original, in both Chinese and English do not need to be notarized at the Chinese translation.
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