Four steps to teach you to judge cosmetics co-packer is worth trust?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-03
1. Whether valid documentation is complete, has the production qualification certificate in plain English valid certificates that have a legitimate and reasonable business license of enterprise and 'skin care products production permit', has the different, basically have a certificate, has the production cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer of qualification certificates. Don't have the black workshop production qualification certificate is never chosen. 2. See how time is test generation factory processing time of the artifact. Must be level to be able to say, plant long in generation of cosmetics manufacturer is more reliable, withstand the rigors of the time, eventually did not set out in the time of. Maybe, I don't clear the emergence. 3. See generation plant overall strength the overall strength is distinguish cosmetics OEM factory is worth to trust the key specification. How to view the cosmetics OEM factory overall strength? Priority look have professional technology of assembly workshop and machine equipment, do you have any technical professional r&d department, have their own brands. Now do not need cosmetics manufacturer OEM factory sheet is only do agent processing, they will make a belongs to own skincare brand. 4. What generation factory and vendors collaborate this is distinguish cosmetics manufacturer factory is worth of trust is a key step. According to the reference collaboration with other businesses look before the generation of factory is not reliable. Never have a words, collaboration itself also knows whether the situation, if other collaboration inn-keeper reflects its very good words, you will be able to consider the collaboration.
To that end, XJ BEAUTY US CORPORATE OFFICES has successfully built a solid foundation and infrastructure for cosmetic design manufacturing.
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The stability of the system, controllability of the eyeshadow manufacturer process, and mobility of the machines provide with a flexible and reliable cosmetic design system.
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