Forcing em processing plants to share business risks with brands

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-25
In recent years, the competition in the traditional cosmetics market is increasing day by day, and the industry has fallen into a white-hot level. Even the performance of the most well-known and best-known companies in the industry has dropped sharply in the past two years. The cosmetics oem processing factory and everyone analyze the current situation of the daily chemical market. The current operation mode of production and marketing is the main reason. On the one hand, due to the influence of insufficient production and research and development strength, enterprises that are good at marketing, such as well-known cosmetics OEM factories, have delayed the introduction of innovative products into the market, however, the original superior products were caught up by the latecomers; On the other hand, enterprises with their own research and development capabilities do not have enough market to support their own survival, so they are unable to concentrate on research and development. It can be said that it is this kind of management mode that follows the trend and does marketing that lacks the core competitive power of research and development, which directly leads to the increasingly serious homogenization of the traditional cosmetics market. Let's analyze the cosmetics market in detail. On the one hand, experienced cosmetics companies have explored for many years in cosmetics enterprises and large skin care chain enterprises with washing and nursing retail terminals as their main customers, A group of professional marketing teams with rich market operation experience have been formed; On the other hand, due to the lack of original accumulation and huge investment in production and construction, daily chemical enterprises will certainly have certain pressure in terms of capital, and due to lack of experience in cosmetics marketing, nature will not enter easily. The cosmetics oem processing factory can help solve this contradiction very well. The biggest advantage of OEM is that professionals do professional work. From the point of view of OEM, since they do not need to invest heavily in building factories, they do not need to spend energy on production management and technological innovation that they are not good, instead, the limited funds and energy will be put into the brand operation and sales management, so that the brand can concentrate on expanding production and reducing the unit cost; Delve into technological innovation, improve product quality and meet the diverse needs of customers. Cosmetics oem processing factory has more practical significance for the current diversification of cosmetics. One of the biggest characteristics of OEM products is that the products are niche. On the one hand, the niche washing and protection products that can adapt to a small range of people are more suitable for the recommendation of specialty stores, fully reflecting the professionalism of specialty stores. On the other hand, the niche product market follows the trend, which can ensure the stable market return of the store after the market promotion. At the same time, because of the niche products for manufacturers: due to the large market, many OEM merchants have accumulated a lot, and the production of a single variety is not small, therefore, it can ensure the supply of cosmetic products with low enough prices to OEM at low production costs. Cosmetic OEM is of great significance to cosmetic shops in terms of market protection and channel attention. Judging from the actual situation of the existing OEM distributors, most of the OEM distributors are traditional suppliers of cosmetics stores, which are inextricably linked with cosmetics stores. It will not be as likely as the traditional daily chemical companies to 'abandon the cosmetics store channel '. Cosmetics OEM manufacturers, as a main body with economic ties with cosmetics stores, are bound to pay more attention to cosmetics stores because they are driven by the overall interests and do not have other more familiar channels, strengthening control in circulation channels can ensure that the store is relatively exclusive in brand and product names, as well as relatively uniform in price, and can ensure that the store has sufficient profit margin. Therefore, for brand owners, choosing a professional cosmetics oem processing factory for cosmetics OEM oem production can reduce the risk of cost input, increase their own profits, and share the risks of operation.
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