For your answer: cosmetics, cosmetics factory processing co-packer can provide what service to the customer?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21

the processing cosmetics brands is no production capacity, entrust contract products, the cosmetics industry chain downstream to the secondary swim a series of activities such as cosmetics production requirements.

in the production of cosmetics manufacturer is need certain products research and development ability, production capacity and testing capabilities, etc. , these are not every brand manufacturers can be equipped with the ability; And investment in factories, buying equipment, leasing plant and personnel salary, a huge sum of money is not every brand can afford. co-packer would then arises at the historic moment, the image point, cosmetics is a common co-packer production factory, for many cosmetics brands products.

all say XJ Beauty cosmetics co-packer can provide one-stop OEM/ODM services to customers, cosmetics co-packer can provide what service to the customer? Specific include?

( 1) Help customers free market analysis

( 2) Provide free marketing planning consulting

( 3) Free help customers design product structure and product planning

( 4) Free for customers registered trademark

( 5) Free provides three certificates for large customers to use the

( 6) Free raw materials, formulation, packaging, production technology consulting

( 7) Provide free quality inspection, all relatived inspections the service

( 8) Provide free production technology consulting

( 9) Semi-finished products, finished product inspection, packaging inspection

( 10) Semi-finished products and finished products processing

( 11) Warehousing, freight management services

( 12) Provide free packaging design service

( 13) Information items management center issued by the China barcode application service

the above is the XJ Beauty cosmetics co-packer to provide one-stop service, the specific content of the but in one-stop service, makes the cluster has a complete industrial chain, equipped with many senior design elite team, for clients to provide professional planning, design, marketing services; XJ international Beauty fluid depth supply chain system, strict product quality of each link, have win terminals, quickly open the market; The perfect combination of professional brands hatch team, system operation support capability, to provide customers with one-stop cosmetics processing and OEM/ODM services, hatching successful brand for customers.

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