For the record the detail process of the special cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-22
Many cosmetics OEM customers, don't know the special cosmetics need what material, and the registration process. 1. product name naming product names respectively according to the special use cosmetics and cosmetics for special requirements for naming, but the naming of the special use cosmetics manufacturer shall be based on a new advertisement law and feed the drug safety xu 2010 】 72 cosmetics naming rules and the cosmetics name guide for product name. processing product name consists of trademark + composition/effect + attribute names, so it can't literally change the product name, or you cannot pass for the record. 2. use the component annotation according to requirements, the amount is more than 1% of the ingredients, in the product composition in the table according to the product formula for the amount of ingredients in decreasing order of sequence arrangement, and printed on the product packaging, can not add banned substances. 3. Correctly describe the 2016 version of the cosmetic product security have clear requirements in the technical specification, cosmetics banned express or implied the function and effect for the treatment of diseases, medical terminology, etc. , shall not be exaggerated effect, the effect of false propaganda products. 4. production information labelling? Production and actual production enterprise information shall include the name of the company and the registered address, which will include cosmetic processing factory information, information to fully comply with the information on the enterprise business license. 吗? processing factory 3 card information should include the production license, the hygiene license, the new production license. 吗? processing quality inspection certificate, product standard number, origin, expiration date, net content. 吗? packaging container of the large surface area of not less than 10 square centimeters and net content is more than 15 grams, or 15 ml, the logo can only indicate cosmetics name, producer name and address, net content, production date and shelf life or production batch number and date of use within a time limit. Actually packaging material and the record is an important link in affecting the product production progress, and the record-keeping administration work efficiency and the copy is in accordance with the laws and regulations and will affect the registration process. Many cosmetics processing customers want to place an order today, tomorrow shipment, actually cosmetics processing factory also want to, if you want to speed up the production process, that paperwork must conform to the laws and regulations, so that the record through the process of!
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