For the record regulation of those things about cosmetics

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
In the past, because of lax supervision, cosmetics OEM brand is the most commonly used methods of excessive packaging, exaggerated effect, coined term induced by consumers. Now, for the record in the process clear specification of the goods brand, packing, description, the wording of the standard, thus eliminating the usual brands through brand, function, composition and other irregularities expressions to exaggerate, excessive packaging, consumer of misdirect of exaggerated product function effect. In addition, cosmetics OEM manufacturers in order to meet the requirements of brands, at irregularities and illegal is added in the product composition, there were different in the process of filling the production without according to the standards become the norm. Manufacturers specification: the cosmetics manufacturer's qualification, production equipment, production technology, formulation quality with strict appraisal and supervision regulation, etc. Under normal circumstances, the ordinary cosmetics as long as there is food and drug administration for the record you can sale, and cosmetics for special needs strict examination and approval. That is to say, the special use cosmetics pre-market approval documents need access to the administrative licensing, and on the Internet for the record; A variety of cosmetics manufacturer listed in two months, in the provincial food and drug supervision and administration department to apply for the record ( Put on record information confirmed by the provincial food and drug regulator, released by the state food and drug supervision administration of government affairs network unified) 。 It is worth noting that the domestic special use cosmetics with imported cosmetics ( Including special and fit) Belongs to a system that can be directly on the food drug administration website columns query of cosmetics. For products has been completed for the record, should be carried out in accordance with the requirements for the record in three months after the inspection. Check the need to prepare product inspection report, product production process description, the risk assessment of products, product sales packaging ( Contains product labels, product data sheet) , the product formula, table ( Does not include the content, restricted substances) 。 Above is the XJ compiled by Beauty knowledge about the processing cosmetics products for the record, dear reader to consider the oh ~
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