For the cosmetics container packing in the main characteristics of two kinds of material of plastic and glass

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-21
Cosmetics container most commonly appears as liquid, emulsion or paste body, does not have shiny appearance. It must through the exquisite and unique packaging design, to show its own characteristics. Therefore, cosmetics container typically rely on packaging, can well realize the sales. Plastic and glass are the current main use of cosmetics container packaging container material, and with the amount of plastic and among them. Cosmetics container variety, different function, but in the context of its external form and the adaptability of packaging, mainly has the following categories: solid cosmetic containers, solid granule ( Powder) Cosmetics container, liquid and emulsion cosmetics container, cream cosmetics container, etc. According to the different shape, different packing form. The current situation, because plastic light and cheap, easy to produce scale, can make various specification size, transparent, opaque, and various kinds of color of the bottle, and printing function is very good, can put the package insert by adopting the method of thermal transfer, inkjet, printing, logo, barcode printing directly on the surface of the container. As a result, the plastic products have been occupying cosmetics container, more than eighty percent of the packaging market as cosmetics container packaging container. Ago, general use glass bottle to packing, cosmetic containers, however, because of the variety of glass container single, even if has a good design, because of the limitation of technology and materials, often also cannot achieve. They disinfection is more convenient than plastic, and more thoroughly. I'm cosmetics container practitioners, to tell the truth, I hate plastic packaging materials disinfection, simple method is to wash thoroughly, and then high temperature baking disinfection. Glass bottle washing baking is no problem, because of high temperature resistant glass. Plastic bottles can't high temperature, a heat melts away and don't wash, water is all washed up inside. And ozone, ultraviolet disinfection effect is very weak, only send to special institutions to irradiation, which wastes time and increase the cost, so the plastic bottle is really annoying. Future cosmetics container packaging may only use one kind of material, its light is easy to take, also can resist all kinds of pollution, the shelf life will be greatly extended, important is to use recycled cycle, hope to see it in the near future! 420. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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