For the cosmetic container oxygen resistance performance test and strength test

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-15
With the sales boom of e-commerce site, each big brand of cosmetics in small sample received. Seemingly cheap and fine big-name cosmetics is really ordinary consumers another window? As is known to all, big expensive cosmetics, not all the consumers to purchase products, and an ordinary cosmetics container capacity, the use as soon as possible if you don't, cosmetics will be expired, lead to waste. According to the promotion of products in a small kind of cosmetics bottles, because capacity is relatively small, don't have to worry about using the residual waste caused by the price also accepted by the public, is ordinary consumers. Common cosmetics packaging form mainly includes, glass bottles, plastic bottles, hose RuanSu bags. In order to ensure that the functional requirements of cosmetics, cosmetics raw materials used in different, but in general, according to the performance and the function different, cosmetics raw materials into the matrix materials and auxiliary materials. Oily materials is one of the main substrate material, the class containing unsaturated bond in some of the composition of raw materials, such as olive oil, etc. , this kind of composition in oxygen, illumination, temperature conditions, such as the appropriate susceptible to oxidation and rancidity, odor, color, etc. In addition, if some cosmetics production, use or an improper storage, also easy to breed microorganisms and appear moldy phenomenon. Cosmetics container, therefore, the use of packaging materials should have good resistance performance, oxygen and can shading, thus reduce the amount of oxygen in contact with the cosmetics, avoid light. Strength testing including tensile strength, peel strength composite film packaging materials, heat sealing strength, tear strength, durable thorn strength index. Tensile strength refers to the material before the snap under big stress value. Through detection can effectively solve the selected packaging materials for the mechanical strength is not enough, and in the packing damage and fracture caused by under the action of external force. Is also called composite strength and peel strength test of the composite membrane, the bonding strength between layer and layer if the adhesive strength is too low, is easy to use in the packaging of problems arising from the separation between the layers in leak. Heat sealing strength is testing the sealing strength, in the process of preservation of the product and shipping, once the heat sealing strength is too low, leads to heat sealing problems such as cracks, leakage of contents. Durable thorn performance is to evaluate packaging hard puncture resistance index. 398. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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